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NTL To Boost Upstream Speeds?
By: MarkJ - 24 January, 2005 (9:22 AM)

NTL's chief executive, Simon Duffy, has confirmed earlier rumours of speed boosts and usage cap adjustments to its broadband services. However, new rumours also suggest that, on some packages, upstream speed may be changed:

Speeds are to be increased significantly, whilst remaining at the same prices. Also note the bandwidth caps that apply to each speed in brackets.

300K > 1MB 17.99. (5GB monthly usage allowance)
750K > 2MB 24.99. (30GB monthly usage allowance)
1.5MB > 3MB 37.99. (40GB monthly usage allowance)

Now the interesting part:

We have received information (unofficial) from a reliable source that the following upload speeds will probably be applied to the new speed upgrades.

1MB = 100K
2MB = 200K
3MB = 300K

Cable Forum is known for getting its information correct, thus while still a rumour, this can probably be considered with a reasonable degree of credibility.

The 5GB cap to its new 1Mbps package still seems a little low to us.

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