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Micro$oft Pushes Online Security
By: MarkJ - 18 January, 2005 (1:02 PM)

Microsoft has today aimed to reinforce the importance of security by highlighting the results of a recent 1,500 user survey. Nearly 25% had been hit by spyware, phishing or online banking fraud:

Microsoft's research, conducted as part of its ongoing campaign to get PC users with Microsoft Windows XP to install Service Pack 2 (SP2), found that nearly a fifth stated that PC security doesn't concern them, while 17 per cent said it worries them but they never get round to doing anything about it.

The North East, South West and Yorkshire are the likeliest candidates to be hit by an internet-based attack such as spyware or identity fraud, while the South East was the area that was best protected.

It's noted that over two-fifths of PC users have fallen victim to a computer virus over the past 12 months. More @ Web-User.

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