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E7even's Missing LLU Connections
By: MarkJ - 23 April, 2006 (10:18 AM)

Things haven't exactly been going well for troubled ISP E7even (HERE, HERE and HERE), yet over the past week further rumours and more problems have surfaced. To begin with, E7's LLU based broadband services appear to be suffering a lengthy outage.

Problems reportedly began during the middle of last week and continue today, with the most recent update claiming to have identified the issue following a failed upgrade (they seem to have a lot of those):

Update: 10:31:51 21-04-2006.
We have now identified the problem with the LLU network and action is now being taken to remedy the problems this is causing for the ADSL customers currently on this network.

We apologise for the continued delay in getting this problem resolved and will provide another update once we have a definitive time scale for the problem to be resolved.

We've heard statements like that many times before; suffice to say that any kind of "upgrade" from E7 invariable appears to go wrong, as many customers would attest.

Meanwhile the rumour mill has also been turning, helped in part by Ofcom's opening of an investigation and the unexplained removal of E7's LLU based broadband products from their website.

Sources close to Easynet (supplies LLU to E7) hint that the previously rumoured financial problems may be coming to a head, with Easynet potentially resolving to simply pull the plug.

We've also heard whispers that E7 may well be fighting a crucial legal case, although with whom and over what are unclear.

Meanwhile we have been able to turn up some interesting information from public documents at companies house, which appear to show E7's director (Charlotte Mitchell) as living with an individual named Kevin Wall:


There's no physical proof to suggest that this Mr Wall is the same one as reported on in our original piece (HERE), although a source claiming to be a former employee believes so.

Typically rumours like this should always be taken with a big pinch of salt, even if the sources seem reliable. Meanwhile customers trapped in E7ís unresponsive vice-like grip remain angered by the ISPís continued failings and poor communication.

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