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Biscits £19.99 Voice/Broadband Bundle
By: MarkJ - 19 April, 2006 (9:11 AM)

ISP Biscit has today introduced its new voice and data package, which "eliminates BT landline rental charges" and costs just £19.99 per month (first 6-months only). The service offers broadband ADSL speeds of up to 8Mbps, yet is capped at 2GB (monthly usage):

freeMAX is the ultimate in combined voice and Internet services. Installed on their phone line, freeMAXers will immediately eliminate BT line rental charges, can make 720 minutes of free anytime calls to national landlines each month, and have up to 8Mbps free broadband on the same line with enough data allowance to meet the average user's monthly data needs. In addition, freeMAXers calling other freeMAXers will never be invoiced for voice calls via their freeMAX-enabled landlines.

Comparing biscit's offerings with those of its main 8Mbps competitors (at today's prices), subscribers migrating to freeMAX from BT will eliminate their BT line rental charge and also reduce their broadband bills in the first year by £362.45, from Wanadoo, they'll save £241.58 in the first year, and from AOL, consumers will save £331.33 also in the first year.

The migrate-to-freeMAX process begins by simply signing up for the product on biscit's website, www.biscit.net. Consumers need only provide a migrating MAC code from their current broadband supplier and their BT account number to begin the automatic process, which takes about 10 days to complete. Once operational, freeMAXers will no longer receive invoices from BT for line rentals, and can keep all select services associated with their telephone.

Should users require further anytime landline call minutes per month, biscit provides a 2400 minutes call-plan option at an additional monthly cost of £4.95.

freeMAX customers can also call upon biscit's much-vaunted every minute-of-the-year customer support service in the unlikely event that it's needed. Landline calls to the London-based customer support centre cost no more than 10p per minute and are usually answered within the first minute.

An extensive suite of software tools and services is also included at no cost in the freeMAX package. These include anti-spam and anti-virus software, 10 email addresses, 50MG email storage, web site builder software, a photo album, forums, and a fax to email service. Gamers can opt for a static IP address at an additional £1.50 per month. Users wishing newsgroups can also opt for this service at an additional £5.00 per month.

Consumers with a non-BT landline can also sign-up for the same package for a one-off biscit telephone set-up fee of £69.00 including modem and filters. All prices quoted are VAT inclusive, and phone packages are invoiced quarterly in advance. Visit http://www.biscit.net for full details.

The package is obviously designed to compete with Carphone Warhouse’s service and is helped by the fact that it is not restricted to unbundled (LLU) exchanges.

However, we note that the price rises to £21.75 after the first 6 months and ties you in to an overall 18 month contract (long contracts = bad). There's also a £29.99 setup charge.

On top of all that we have the 2GB monthly data allowance cap, however this is perhaps a more realistic level for the money than CW’s promotion.

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