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Unbundled UK Lines Exceed 360,000
By: MarkJ - 10 April, 2006 (2:17 PM)

The Telecommunications Adjudicator, Peter Black, has released his latest monthly report on the status of UK local loop unbundling (LLU) - HERE. Some 360,000 lines have now been unhooked, with weekly throughput continuing to be around 15,000.

Interestingly the weekly throughput is expected "to rise significantly through April and May", although actual proof of such an increase will only come with next months report.

There is some slim admission in the piece that LLU's growth rate hasn't progressed significantly, although recent investment by more ISP's does indicate that it may be given a boost again soon. Statistics for the past three months show this better:

Jan'06 = 250,000
Feb'06 = 300,000
Mar'06 = 360,000

The current rate will need to more than double if it is to meet predictions of 2 to 3 million unbundled lines by the end of 2006.

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