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Tiscali UK Unhappy With BT's ADSL Price Proposals
By: MarkJ - 15 November, 2006 (9:45 AM)

Tiscali UK has issued its response to BT's recent proposals to reduce the price of wholesale broadband ADSL products. The ISP is unhappy, which isn't too surprising given their growing reliance on LLU (non-BT):

"Without a review of Datastream pricing the new wholesale IPStream pricing must surely fail the margin squeeze test determined by the regulator and designed to encourage deeper competition. We fully expect that Ofcom will take a look at this immediately. In addition it is hard to understand and justify the new £33.75 cease charge, when it has never been levied before."

Tiscali do have some valid concerns, albeit unsurprisingly missing the moral point of BT's cease charge for migration codes (MAC). Mind you, BT is rarely moral, so we can still understand the question.

Tiscali hasn't exactly been first rate at dealing with migrations in the past and probably doesn't like the idea of being made to pay for it. No doubt BT and or Ofcom’s response will be well worth reading.

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