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Ace Internet ISP Cut's Telephone Support Costs
By: MarkJ - 08 November, 2006 (9:52 AM)

ISP Ace Internet has begun utilising VoIP (Voice-over-IP) as a method to cut costs when customers contact their sale or support lines:

Until now, callers needed to use a local call rate (0845) number to call the ISP for sales or support, but with more and more people now using Internet phones and VOIP as a method of communication, it is now possible to also call them by making a VOIP call.

Callers can use many popular VOIP providers such as Gradwell, FWD and Sipgate to call, normally free of charge.

As well as the new VOIP method of calling , they have also set up a geographical 0161 contact number. This is good news for callers who have "inclusive call bundles" via their telco. Whilst the 0845 number is good for customers calling from all over the county to call at local rates, most telco's do not allow 0845 numbers as part of their inclusive call packages so now the caller can now choose to use their inclusive call allowance.

Information about the new contact details can be found at

It's not a bad idea, although many that need support or information might not be able to access the Internet. So long as the old 0845 lines remain then it can only come as an improvement.

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