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NetServices Issues New V Two One/Biscit Statement
By: MarkJ - 22 November, 2006 (9:33 AM)

NetServices (NS), which recently withdrew its broadband supply from UK ISP V21 (Biscit) over a financial dispute, has issued a further statement aimed at answering some frequently asked questions:

On Nov 15th NetServices terminated its network services with Biscit CSP (trading as V Two One) because of substantial unpaid charges. Prior to this action being taken we had endeavoured to reach a solution with Biscit CSP. Following termination NetServices has attempted to ease the disruption to Biscit CSP users by identifying a potential rescue provider - as an option of the individual end users.

Since then Biscit CSP has been extremely vocal in the media and we now feel that it is time to respond to Biscit's statements, some of which are misleading.

* Biscit CSP continues to direct their customers to contact NetServices but all calls to Biscit are diverted to voicemail with apparently no personal intervention and no attempt on their part to speak to their customers themselves.

* It would be more appropriate for Biscit CSP to respect their customers by dealing with them directly and not by diverting them towards NetServices. This approach by Biscit CSP is only adding to the confusion and frustration experienced by customers.

* Despite several statements to the effect that Biscit CSP are 'launching legal proceeding against NetServices', we have not been served with any legal proceedings.

* Contrary to Biscit's assertion, NetServices has not novated any current or former V21 customers to another service provider. These customers have merely given the option to receive continuity of service by transferring to another provider.

* NetServices did not take the decision to terminate lightly. Termination was effected as we could not continue to service an account with which was significantly in arrears - and one for which NetServices continues to pay BT bandwidth charges.

* Accordingly it is wrong for Biscit CSP to suggest that the termination was beyond their control or that it has come about through no default on their part. Quite simply termination occurred because Biscit CSP did not discharge their contractual obligations towards NetServices.

NetServices is continuing to review what we can do to help Biscit CSP end users and we will provide additional information in the near future.

We have a suggestion allow ex-V21 customers a choice of NetServices vISPs instead of being pushed onto a single provider (its probably too late now though).

Wed suggest giving users their migration codes (MAC), but we already know that would be futile since nobody seems able to take responsibility, while EzeeDSL locks you into a 12 month contract before escape is possible.

Its interesting to note that Biscit has seemingly not begun legal proceedings against NS, indeed the ISP itself has been rather quite since the whole debacle began.

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