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Mozilla Launches Firefox 3 Website Browser Today
By: MarkJ - 17 June, 2008 (1:22 PM)

It's fair to say that the gap between competing website browser clients has gotten smaller over the past few years, with Mozilla's free Firefox software taking much of the credit. So it's understandable that today’s release of Firefox 3 (FF3) is going to be pretty big news, especially with its growing market share:

Worldwide Website Browser Market Share 2008
(Source: Onestat.com)

The new browser will introduce a multitude of new user interface (UI) features, bug fixes and security improvements, including a better download manager and bookmark handling. FF3 has also made improvements to website rendering speeds and plugged some memory leaks, as this chart from an earlier beta illustrates:

Firefox 3 Beta 4 Memory Usage
(Source: Lifehacker.com)

Mozilla hopes that today's launch will trigger a new download record and readers awaiting the release should keep an eye on the following URL; it should turn up there soon:


Mind you, if Firefox isn't your thing then there's always Opera:


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