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FREE Laptop Offering ISP RedTen Internet Still Troubled
By: MarkJ - 15 May, 2008 (2:13 PM)

Customers of UK ISP RedTen Internet, which made its name in 2006 by being one of the first providers to flog free laptops with its broadband packages, are still suffering problems despite two months having passed since the ISP was forced to change supplier (original news).

BT Wholesale initially "stopped providing a service to redten ... either because of repeated non-payment of invoices or because redten ... [HAD] stopped trading". In response, RedTen switched its broadband supply to NJP Services, which caused some customers to be offline for up to and over 10 days.

Unfortunately, despite customers being promised that the service would remain unchanged and continue to offer no maximum limit on data usage (Note: website is advertising "unlimited** internet downloads"), the situation has continued to worsen.

The "Fair Usage Policy" now touts what appears to be a very strict and specific download limitation: "If some Customer abuse the fair usage policy that we shall have no option but to restrict the download to a maximum of 10Gb per month for those Customers." Those using over the 10GB figure (Note to RedTen: 10Gb = Gigabits, shouldn't it be GigaBytes (GB)?) have found their service throttled to the point of being virtually unusable.

Customers attempting to complain have been thrown into a vicious circle, with nobody seemingly able to accept responsibility. One reader, Ian, elaborates:

I subscribed to this service for a 3 year term and have had no complaints until I lost the service for two weeks in February 2008. Since then it again appeared to be working satisfactorily, however I have now been advised that the unrestricted service that I had contracted for has exceeded a 15 GB download limit and my service is severely impacted – making it almost unusable.

I received an e-mail from Redten advising me of a cotact number. This is for the NJP Services support Desk. They are unable to assiat in any way as my contract is with Redten.

The Redtem Sales number justseems to be an endless music on hold number – I have tried on several occasions to access this. The support nmber is an Indian Call Centre that charges 40 pence per minute and cannot help to resolve this system.

I have asked NJP services for a MAC number so that I can cut my losses and move – but they will not do this instead they can only give me the sales number.

I have contacted OFCOM and they are aware of problems and will try to get a resolution, but this may take any length of time. So I am now stuck with a service that has been capped to such an extent that I cannot download mail headers, and no way that I can cease this appalling service.

Other readers complain that they still haven't received their free computer and that the current level of service and support is unacceptably poor, with requests for migration codes (MACs) often going unresolved. This is in contravention of Ofcoms General Condition 22 (GC22), which makes the supply of MACs a mandatory requirement.

Several other customers, including the owner of a consumer site setup for troubled RedTen users - DeadTen, are currently in the process of taking legal action. Likewise a petition has also been setup - here, which has so far managed to gain 167 signatures.

Typically we would advise customers to raise a complaint with Ofcom over the MAC situation and contact Trading Standards. Sending a similar message to NJP Service’s complaints handler, CISAS, may also help. Please can those suffering problems make sure to drop a complaint into our 'ISP Complaints' page, which allows us to keep track of problems and inform others.

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