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Orange Revamps & Offers Cheaper Data Roaming Rates
By: MarkJ - 01 July, 2008 (1:40 PM)

Orange, France Telecoms sibling, has revamped itself under the new global slogan of "together we can do more", which will replace "the future's bright, the future's orange". The new strategy forms part of a massive advertising campaign, which will begin this coming Saturday 5th July.

The Orange brand was originally developed for one technology in one market mobile telephones in the U.K says Caroline Mille, Senior Vice President, Brand and Communications. Orange. Today, just 14 years later, the brand now spans a range of technologies (internet, T.V content) and reaches consumers in 26 countries, covering very different cultures. Thanks to its global enterprise services, Orange also has operations in most markets around the world.

Since 2006 it has been the key brand of the France Telecom Group and now includes mobile, internet and TV services plus content associated with these three platforms. Despite this change, the brand has lost none of its strength, staying true to its original values which have become the values of the whole Group. The new brand vision allows us to truly communicate everything that Orange now stands for

Meanwhile, the operator has also introduced a range of new roaming data bundles, which can be used my mobile phone customers when travelling abroad:

The fixed price of Travel Data will be 5.00 for 3MB a saving of up to 44% or 12 for 10MB a saving of up to 60% versus standard charges available to all PAYM customers. Larger bundle sizes are also available for business customers who require heavy data usage when abroad. Business customers can save between 50-98% with prices ranging from 6.38 for 5MB up to 100 for 200MB. Global travel data bundles are also available for business customers.

In addition, Orange has just made changes to its Pay As You Consume standard, per Mb rate. These changes include a reduction for Orange Business Services customers who will see the standard rate change from 3.50 per Mb for data cards and 4.50 per Mb for handsets, to 2.55 per Mb for both data cards and handsets. Similarly, Pay Monthly customers will have seen prices fall from 8 per Mb to 3 per Mb when using data roaming in Europe; and Pay as You Go customers will have seen prices fall from 8 per Mb to 4 per Mb.

SMS (text messaging) and voice calls, both locally and while abroad, have also seen reductions - here.

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