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Virgin Media Denies Throttling P2P Broadband Traffic
By: MarkJ - 24 June, 2008 (9:00 AM)

Virgin Media has been forced to deny allegations being made by a poster (TraxData) on Cable Forum (here), which claim that the operator is preparing to introduce a new P2P/specific application throttling technology to its broadband network. TraxData's post stated:

As i have mentioned a few weeks or so back VM have been trialling application throttling/management in lab 3 (for those interested, this is just a name to represent the area where the trial is going on, not an actual lab)

Currently through the trial Usenet ports (including SSL) are throttled (reducing speeds down to 512k). This, is, as far as one is aware going to be used for both in and out of peak hours for whoever they see "fit" as a heavy user.

I'm sure some of you noticed "Allot" was mentioned in another thread on here and Iíve had a few people asking me what this is. It's currently what VM are using to trial application/throttling/management and is to be deployed across the VM network fully sometime either third quarter 2008 or first quarter 2009, the dates are unknown/rough ideas right now as things are being kept quiet over @ VM headquarters.

However, Virgin has responded to clarify that Allot's equipment is only installed in part of the operators formerly NTL owned network. The following statement has since been issued:

"Virgin Media has an open and transparent traffic management policy listed at http://www.virginmedia.com/traffic .

Our policy does not discriminate internet traffic by application and we have no plans to do so. Whilst we do use equipment from Allot within parts of our cable network, this is used to build usage metrics and does not affect customersí service in any way. It is certainly not used to do any form of packet shaping or change internet traffic priorities.

It would perhaps not be beyond the bounds of reason for Virgin Media to introduce stricter usage limiting technology, though for now any fears appear to have been calmed. Still, no doubt some customers will be viewing the Q3 2008 to Q1 2009 period with a greater degree of awareness than usual.

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