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NJPServices Ceases Broadband Supply to ISP RedTen

Posted: 23rd Jun, 2008 By: MarkJ
Customers of the controversial FREE laptop and broadband offering UK ISP RedTen Internet have been hit with yet another shock this afternoon after the providers latest post-BT supplier, NJPServices, pulled out.

BT initially stopped providing a service to RedTen during March, "either because of repeated non-payment of invoices or because redten ... [HAD] stopped trading", said the operator. In response, RedTen switched its broadband supply to NJP, whom promptly brushed aside any concerns over the ISPs financial state (original news):

NJPServices Quote (March 2008): "Our contract is a new one. The dispute with BT is down to them. We have already run a risk assessment on that business. They are having no financial problems to my knowledge. We will work with customers as best as we can."

Since then the service has continued to face problems (May 2008 news), from poor speeds, connectivity problems and support to missing free laptops and confusion over changed contract terms / usage allowances.

Postings today on the MoneySavingExpert Forum now report that customers are being sent the following message from NJP, which states that they too have cut RedTen's supply due to a lack of communication, once again leaving users in a state of confusion:

Dear Customer,

You may not be aware but NJP Services Ltd was contracted by Redten Communications Ltd (Redten) to provide a wholesale service on their behalf for your broadband connection. More recently, we have been unable to contact Redten and have made the decision to cease any services provided to Reten with immediate effect. As a result of this decision we will be ceasing your broadband service on 30th June 2008.

If you would like to continue using your broadband service beyond this date you will need to contact us directly so that we might continue your service through one of our other brands. If you choose to continue your service with us then you will be able to retain your current connection utilising the same username and other details as you do currently. In short, your service will continue without interruption.

If you wish to continue your service with us then please telephone us on 0871 424 0185 before 30th June 2008 in order that we can transfer your service to an alternative brand. You will be required to enter into a new contract for this service and make a monthly payment for the service provided. The new contract is only one month and you will therefore be free to leave the service at any time by requesting a MAC code (or a cease) from your new provider. If we do not hear from you before this time then a cease will automatically be placed on your broadband connection on 1st July 2008. This will normally complete in around 7 days, after which time you will be able to join any broadband provider that you wish to.

Please be aware that although we have been providing the service to Redten we are not responsible for the actions of, or the (unknown) financial situation of, Redten. We are therefore not able to honour any agreement that you may have made directly with Redten. If you have prepaid for your service with Redten then you will need to contact Redten directly to recover any money that you may be owed.

If you would like to find out more about the packages we are able to offer then please visit http://www.fast4.net or telephone us on 0871 424 0185 to find out the options available to you.

Our customer service team will be available on 0871 424 0185 Monday to Friday, 9AM to 4PM to answer any questions you may have.

Yours truly,
Steve Kaye
Managing Director
NJP Services Ltd
Part of Breathe Networks

Clearly the risk assessment they conducted held very little water and if the supplier can't even contact RedTen then how are customers supposed to? In addition, RedTen's contracts are governed by a finance company (Clode) and customers will need to be careful that they aren't stung by debt collectors. However, given the dire situation it is unlikely that Clode could enforce such terms if challenged (small claims court).

It is worth pointing out that, under Ofcom's General Condition 22 (GC22) rules, where the ISP can’t be contacted then the supplier (NJP) may be allowed to issue migration (MAC) codes. We understand that Clode has refused to issue some customers with a MAC, which is also strictly against Ofcom's rules and users should lodge a complaint with the regulator.

On an unrelated note, we have chosen not to link the NJPServices website because Google appears to have flagged it as being "suspicious" (forum post). This may be due to malicious activity on the domain by a hacker and NJP is known to be investigating.

It remains to be seen how RedTen/Clode will resolve the current situation and we have had little luck in finding a productive and responsive contact for them. More when we have it..
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