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Survey Results - ISP Customers Rate Speed as Biggest Frustration
By: MarkJ - 15 July, 2008 (9:32 AM)

The results of our most recent survey are in and apparently the number one aspect of an ISP that causes the most frustration among consumers is speed with 41.5% of the vote. The full results from last months survey can be found below, while our newest one asks - "Has your ISP's support quality improved over the past year?":

Which aspect of your ISP causes you the most frustration?

Speed (Performance) - 41.5%
I've had no frustrations - 19.2%
Customer Support - 19%
General Connectivity - 10.6%
Price - 6.6%
Services (Email, Usenet etc.) - 2.8%

Happily just over 19% of the 700+ respondents had not suffered any frustrations, though an almost equal 19% found customer support to be their biggest annoyance. The last three of general connectivity (10.6%), price (6.6%) and services (2.8%) barely figure into the overall picture.

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