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DS2 (Powerline) Comments on BT's Fibre Rollout
By: MarkJ - 22 July, 2008 (9:11 AM)

Jorge Blasco, the CEO of Powerline Ethernet developer DS2, has welcomed BT's recent fibre broadband rollout announcement but warned that providers must be ready to take account of consumers growing needs. DS2’s technology uses a buildings existing power cables to share out a local area network connection:

"BT's announcement on its promise to deliver high-speed broadband to ten million homes by 2012 has been superseded by recent developments, such as the BBC iPlayer, that have highlighted the need to meet immediate consumer demands for high-speed and high-capacity broadband. The need that has been growing exponentially in the UK - and most industry analysts have predicted will happen as soon as 2009!," said Blasco.

"BT's recent announcement follows similar statements from other service providers concerned with ensuring a broadband pipe sufficient to meet the demands of next generation applications. That need does not stop at the customers front door! Next generation multimedia applications including multi-room IPTV and HDTV networked entertainment services will require bandwidth sufficient to support five or more simultaneous video streams from as early as 2009 onwards."

"DS2 is well on the way to developing a third generation powerline technology with throughput speeds of up to 400Mbps to support bandwidth-hungry applications that include FTTH, FTTB + In-Building Networking and in-home networking applications, such as multi-channel HD-IPTV delivery or multi-room PVR."

"These new applications are driving the need for increased bandwidth beyond what today´s technologies can achieve. As a technology provider our aim is to always be one step ahead of market demand for innovation."

It's worth pointing out that the 400Mbps quoted is a theoretical maximum and real-world performance is likely to be significantly less than that. Our own private and somewhat unscientific tests of 200Mbps powerline kit had trouble sending data at over 18 to 23Mbps via the buildings internal power cables.

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