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Wi-Fi Internet Access Hijacking Pair Arrested
By: MarkJ - 21 February, 2008 (8:55 AM)

The Berwick Advertiser reports that two men in the Tweedmouth area of Berwick were arrested last Sunday lunchtime after they were caught hijacking a residentís wireless network:

It emerged that the two local men were using the householder's wireless broadband connection remotely from a vehicle parked outside. Both were arrested for dishonestly obtaining a communications service and are on bail pending further enquiries.

Berwick Neighbourhood Inspector Sharon Stavers said: "This is a very unusual offence and it is worth reminding people who use a wireless connection to ensure they follow the manufacturer's instructions when setting it up. They should make sure that all the security systems are in place to keep their computers safe."

It's a potent reminder of just how important it is to make sure that your wireless network is secure by adopting the toughest encryption available (WPA/WPA2). Most hardware and software also allows you to prevent the wireless networks name (SSID) from being broadcast, which can make it more difficult to spot. Credits to Thinkbroadband for the link.

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