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Site News - ISP Listings Updated
By: MarkJ - 19 March, 2008 (10:29 AM)

We’ve revamped our ISP listings database to include more product category separation between individual providers. Previously we had to do a new listing entry for every product type, meaning that an ISP offering dialup and broadband land-line services would need two separate listings.

The new method means that only one entry in the database is required per ISP, albeit with many more fields to cover all the different connection/category types. This cuts down the database size and speeds it up, but also means that we’ve had to remove a few of the less important fields to keep it streamlined.

Naturally we also used the work as an opportunity to update all the ISP listing details (price, services etc.). In addition, broadband cable and DSL (ADSL) ISPs have now been collected under the single 'Land-Line' category:


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