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Epitiro’s H2-2007 Top Five ADSL Broadband ISPs
By: MarkJ - 13 February, 2008 (1:26 PM)

Epitiro has today released its latest half yearly (Q3 + Q4 2007) Internet Performance Indicator (IPI) report, which measures technical broadband ADSL performance from the eleven largest UK ADSL ISP's (cable not included).

For the first time O2 (Be) has entered the top five consumer ADSL broadband providers in the UK. They ranked third in terms of technical performance over the second half of 2007, just behind Plusnet.

BT sustained their position at the top of the table, as they have all year. Tiscali and Orange complete the top five:

Overall Ranking
Q1 2007
1. BT
2. Demon
3. AOL
4. Pipex
5. TalkTalk

Q2 2007
1. BT
2. Demon
3. Tiscali
4. Pipex
5. Plusnet

Q3 + Q4 2007
1. BT
2. Plusnet
3. O2
4. Tiscali
5. Orange

Sadly Epitiro’s report doesn't monitor all UK ISP's and as a result its findings are of limited use. Never the less it is interesting to see how the big boys perform, at least in respect to their networks:

Epitiro’s Managing Director Gavin Johns said: “While many customers are choosing their service provider on price alone, an increasing number seem to be choosing their service on download speeds, and judging their selection of company on crude online speed tests. Both approaches could lead to disappointment. It’s important to remember that download speed is just one indicator of broadband performance. Other factors such as the reliability and quality of the network connection are just as important as speed when judging an Internet service.

For example, what is the use of fast connection speeds if the connection doesn’t work when you want it to? What about packet loss, DNS and PING performance – all qualities that affect a customer’s online experience? The Epitiro Consumer ADSL IPI Report reveals true ADSL technical performance. It’s a unique and indispensable tool for anyone interested in the quality of user experience provided by ADSL providers,
” continued Mr. Johns.

Epitiro notes that a key factor of O2’s success in the second half of 2007 was its Non-Cached HTTP download speed, which is believed to be a better reflection of general web speed. O2 also came first in ping performance (server response time), which can be an especially important factor for gamers.

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