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Freeserve Back On The Offensive
By: MarkJ - 20 December, 2003 (10:01 AM)

UK ISP Freeserve is going after rival BTOpenworld once again, which it accuses of being anti-competitive, by filing an appeal with the Competition Appeal Tribunal. Previous attempts by the ISP to have BT kicked have failed:

In a statement, Freeserve said: "Now that Freeserve has seen the full decision, it is clear that we disagree with a number of the key assumptions and conclusions in the decision, which we believe is fundamentally flawed on factual, legal and methodological bases.

Given the importance of achieving sustainable competition in the Broadband market we believe it in the interests of all parties involved that clarity and certainty is brought to this area as soon as possible and will be looking to get the Appeal filed with the CAT at the earliest opportunity.

A spokesman for BT, said: "Surely they must have had enough of their complaints being kicked into touch on a perpetual basis? Certainly we hope that the new regulator will filter out such spurious claims given that they devour so much resource from all parties."

The Web-User item reminds us that Freeserve believes BTOpenworld's decision to cut the price of its consumer ADSL product in March 2002 was unfair.

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