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Homes To Come BB Enabled By 2006
By: MarkJ - 18 December, 2003 (9:28 AM)

The housing developer George Wimpey has predicted that half of all new homes will come with broadband and wireless connections pre-installed by 2006:

The company, which builds 14,000 new homes a year, is set to start trials of ready-connected homes next month.

'As time goes on and prices drop, the numbers of people choosing wireless-ready homes will get nearer to everybody,' said Graham Hughes, director of customer services at George Wimpey. 'I think it will be 50 per cent by 2006.'

Working with broadband wireless specialist Wialess.com, house buyers in Alderly Edge in Cheshire, Hook in Hampshire, Bannermill in Aberdeen and in Edinburgh will be able to choose whether they want the house to come with broadband and a wireless network.

More @ VNUNet.

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