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11.9 Million UK Households Online
By: MarkJ - 17 December, 2003 (2:29 PM)

The governments Office of National Statistics (ONS) has issued its latest UK Internet access report, which shows that 48% of homes (11.9 million people) can now get online:

In the third quarter of 2003, 48 per cent households in the UK (11.9 million) could access the Internet from home, compared with just nine per cent (2.3 million) in the same quarter of 1998.

In October 2003, 58 per cent of adults in Britain had used the Internet in the three months prior to interview. Sixty-four per cent of adults in Britain had used the Internet at some time, an increase of eleven per cent on the number reported in October 2001. Whilst individual use of the Internet still seems to be increasing, the rate of increase appears to be slowing down.

Among those adults who had used the Internet in the three months prior to interview, 84 per cent used it for e-mail, 80 per cent to find information about goods or services and 68 per cent to search for information about travel and accommodation. Over half had used it to buy or order tickets, goods or services (53 per cent).

For adults who had used the Internet, for personal or private use in the 12 months prior to interview, the most popular purchases were travel, accommodation or holidays (52 per cent), books, magazines, e-learning or training material (38 per cent), tickets for events (36 per cent), and music or CDs (34 per cent).

These adults were also asked if they had experienced Internet security problems over that period. Forty-two per cent said that they had received too many junk e-mails and considered this a security problem, 34 per cent had had a computer virus while 23 per cent had received offensive e-mails. Twenty-nine per cent said they had not had any problems at all.

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