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Satellite BB To Benefit 50 Communities
By: MarkJ - 12 January, 2004 (2:51 PM)

Aramiska has agreed a major deal with ‘ehotspot’ to provide 50 rural communities with satellite Internet access technology for their broadband connections:

Aramiska and ehotspots make Christmas Broadband Wish Come True for 50 Rural Communities

Aramiska has agreed a major deal with ‘ehotspot’, to provide 50 rural communities with Aramiska satellite community broadband as rural communities in the UK increasingly adopt satellite technology for their broadband connection.

The rural community broadband service is available immediately and only requires a ‘trigger level’ of 15 people to make installation economically viable. The service is based on a 12 month contract with an initial installation fee of £149 and an ongoing monthly charge of £29.99 a month per household. The 50 communities that have opted for broadband in this way have only to wait a maximum of 30 days from placing the order to going live. Since the launch of the Community broadband service package in October last year, Aramiska currently is supporting community solutions throughout the UK from Somerset to Scotland.

John Sprank, CEO of ehotspot said: “The demand we have received for our community broadband service is unprecedented. Through partnering with Aramiska we are providing a solution to the many challenges rural communities face in acquiring a broadband connection. A number of communities have been let down by providers with promises of broadband which have been unfulfilled due to the inability to deliver at the technical level. The ehotspots system is a proven technology that is available immediately at a similar price to inner city ADSL.

The service has proved a compelling option for communities who are struggling to reach exchange trigger levels or are experiencing connection problems with their current provider.

ehotspot uses Aramiska’s ARC 2000+ Community broadband service as the backhaul to its system, with 2,048 Kbps downstream and 512 Kbps upstream data transmission speeds. Once the Aramiska backhaul is installed at a central location in the community, each house installation takes one to two hours, using a small six inch square box at roof level which receives the broadband signal.

Steve Petrie, UK Sales Director, Aramiska, said: “The success of ehotspots demonstrates the overwhelming demand for broadband in the rural communities of the UK. It also highlights, that despite promises made over the past few months, a significant number of communities still have minimal hope of getting an ADSL connection in the near future. We will continue to work with our partners to provide the rural communities of the UK with a cost effective, viable solution to their problem that is available here and now.

Aramiska uses an open standard satellite technology that provides villages with a fast, always-on Internet connection necessary to download and transmit large data files and run multimedia or other bandwidth-hungry applications.

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