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50 Million Wireless Homes By 2007
By: MarkJ - 09 January, 2004 (9:28 AM)

British research firm BWCS has predicted that 50 million homes in the USA, EU and Asia will have wireless (Wi-Fi) connections by 2007:

Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity, which refers to wireless local area networks that use one of several 802.11 standards, will mainly grow in broadband-connected homes.

At the end 2003, there were more than 100 million broadband connections globally, 80 percent of which were in homes, according to a study by English market-research firm BWCS. But the number of Wi-Fi-enabled homes was just 5 million, mainly in the United States. Global penetration levels of home wireless local area networks (LANs are expected to reach 23 percent of broadband homes by 2007, according to the report.

The study points out that the growth of Wi-Fi home networking in the United States is driven by low-cost 802.11b technology, which is a wireless LAN technology that operates in the 2.4GHz frequency range with a data transmission speed of up to 11mbps, combined with the spread of high-speed, fixed-line connections. Now, the same experience is getting replicated in Japan and Korea.

Clearly wireless LAN's are headed for a big boom, although it remains to be seen whether hotspot and fixed-wireless ISPs will succeed in a similar fashion. More @ ZDNet.

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