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Tiscali To Secure ISPs With Symantec
By: MarkJ - 28 January, 2004 (1:03 PM)

Pan-European ISP Tiscali has signed a new deal with Internet security giant Symantec to deliver online (Internet) protection to its users across Europe:


Symantec Corp., (Nasdaq: SYMC), the world leader in Internet security, and Tiscali, one of Europeís largest Internet communication companies, today announced a partnership that will deliver Internet security protection to Internet users across Europe.

Symantec has developed a service that will enable Tiscali customers in Italy, France, Germany and the UK to use its market-leading range of Norton Internet security products by paying a subscription to Tiscali in conjunction with their monthly Internet usage fee. The service is currently being trialled with users in the UK and will be available commercially through www.tiscali.co.uk later in Q1.

Tiscali customers will be able to select the Symantec product that best meets their needs from a list that includes Norton AntiVirus 2004, Norton Personal Firewall 2004 or Norton Internet Security 2004. These award-winning products offer users protection against a wide variety of Internet security threats. Norton AntiVirus 2004 is the worldís most trusted antivirus solution, protecting users against viruses, worms, and Trojan horses as well as non-virus security hazards such as spyware. Norton Personal Firewall 2004 provides a full firewall, comprehensive privacy protection, program control, ad blocking, and a comprehensive intrusion detection system in one convenient product. Norton Internet Security 2004 is an easy-to-use and comprehensive security and privacy suite for home and small office PC users, featuring Symantecís best-of-breed antivirus, firewall, intrusion detection, privacy protection, spam filtering, and content filtering solutions in a single tightly integrated suite.

Customers can install the product they want by downloading it from the Internet. There is no up-front charge for the software. Payment is a component of the monthly Internet subscription fee paid to Tiscali. The benefit for the end users is that they will receive new versions of the Symantec products and have immediate access to the latest virus definitions and other protection updates.

As part of the partnership, Symantec will support Tiscali in marketing the enhanced Internet security offering to its subscribers. Earlier this year the two companies announced the opening of Tiscali-branded online stores in Italy, the UK, France and Germany offering Symantec products.

ďThe Internet is a tremendous tool and enhances many peoplesí lives. However, it has a dark side; users who do not observe basic Internet security practices risk exposure to various threats including viruses, Trojan horses, worms, theft of personal data, spam, or unwanted access to inappropriate content,Ē says Giuseppe Verrini, Vice President Symantec Europe Middle East and Africa. ďThis partnership with Tiscali brings together two very strong brands for the benefit of Internet users.Ē

ďUsersí protection and safety are Tiscaliís absolute priorities. Various factors such as widespread spamming, the growth of always-on connections and the use of peer-to-peer applications can all contribute to making the userís system more vulnerable, increasing the possibilities of viruses and hacking attempts. Tiscali has always been involved in the promotion and distribution of Internet access in Europe and this commitment has meant a front line role in the research for better solutions to the Netís problems. In Symantec, we have found the best possible partner to answer to one of the main requirements of our users: securityĒ, said Mario Mariani, Tiscaliís SVP of Business Development.

This agreement is part of Tiscaliís wider SECURITY program, launched at the beginning of the year with the presentation of Tiscali Secure Mail products, offering to the end users protected inbound email service, based on Norton Antivirus technology. Launched firstly in Italy and then in the UK, Spain, Holland and soon also in Germany and France, this SECURITY program is rapidly developing to respond to the overriding protection requirement of users across Europe.

In addition, Symantec also announced that Tiscali is to install Symantecís enterprise-class antivirus solutions across its internal network of workstations and servers. Deployment of the Symantec solutions throughout Tiscaliís European network has already started.

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