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Blown Away? SkyLINC's BB Blimps
By: MarkJ - 30 January, 2004 (1:24 PM)

There are several active projects aimed at delivering broadband Internet access via air ships, one such project is SkyLINC's (related news), which had been aiming to launch its service this month:

Daly, and other SkyLINC execs, declined our requests to explain its current services line-up or future plans. It was a different story last May when the company was only too happy to chat to El Reg, The Guardian and BBC, among other outlets.

From SkyLINC's Web site we find a statement that the company will launch its first LIBRA (Low-Cost Integrated Broadband Radio Access) communications platform "within the next 12 months".

The Register's brief investigatory article will no doubt help to fuel the many doubters of blimp based broadband technology.

With wireless, ADSL and cable services beginning to spread faster than the common cold, it may well end up being the economic feasibility and not the technology that proves to be SkyLINCís biggest barrier.

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