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SPAM Increases Four Fold - 2003
By: MarkJ - 09 December, 2003 (2:53 PM)

The anti-SPAM/virus firm MessageLabs reports that junk e-mail has increased four fold through 2003. During 2002 the average amount of junk was one spam in every eleven, this year it's closer to one in every two and a half e-mails:

According to an end-of-year report published by email-outsourcing firm MessageLabs on Monday, the Sobig.F virus is to blame for a large proportion of the increase. Before Sobig.F, spam made up less than half of all email traffic, but in the latter part of the year, in the wake of Sobig.F, spam levels pushed past the 50 percent mark, bringing the average for the year up to 40 percent.

This behaviour led to Sobig.F easily topping the MessageLabs top 10 virus list for 2003, with a massive 32,432,730 interceptions. MessageLabs predicted that as much as two thirds of all spam email is being spread via PCs that have been compromised by viruses, such as Sobig.F

The ZDNet item reports that MessageLabs is currently intercepting 27 spam emails every second, which is up from 2 every second at the start of the year.

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