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New Wave Touts Satellite ISP First?
By: MarkJ - 09 December, 2003 (2:34 PM)

ISP New Wave Communications has today hailed itself as offering a breakthrough in the provision of broadband satellite services. Users can now get high speed access by using their existing TV mini dishes:


A radical new approach to internet access by a specialist telecoms company in the South of England means local homes and businesses can now get high speed access by using their tv mini dishes to receive information by satellite.

The innovative breakthrough is spearheaded by New Wave Communications of Hampshire, which has teamed up with international telecoms company Plenexis. What is more, with installation times of less than 14 days, thousand of homes can be connected to the internet in time for Christmas.

New Wave DSB, brings high speed internet access to thousands of homes and businesses which have been denied the benefits of high speed internet access because they are not connected to ISDN or ADSL infrastructures.

New Wave says: "This is the first time that users anywhere in the UK will be able to access the internet over a small direct-to-home mini dish. Many homes already have these dishes in place to receive tv broadcasts. Tests show that our download speeds can be considerably faster than ADSL connections, depending on the service selected, but for a comparable price."

The recommended resale price of New Wave DSB powered by Plenexis ranges from 19.99 to 59.99 per month, depending on the service subscribed to; set up fees, including the installation of a mini-dish where no dish exists, is around 160 excluding VAT.

New Wave Adds: "Local businesses and residential users in many parts of the South East have been crying out for high speed access to the internet. Now we have solved the problem for good. Until now, millions of homes and businesses in the UK have been denied these benefits because they are not connected to high speed What is telephone lines."

New Wave Communications Ltd, was established in 2002 to provide high speed internet connectivity and associated network installations to customers who found themselves in areas not served by ADSL. Based in Hampshire the company has already equipped local industrial parks with wireless broadband and has installed a large number of networks in both small and medium-sized businesses.

Last week we had AVC claiming to be the first consumer affordable satellite ISP and now NWC is claiming to offer something that several other providers have sold for the best part of the year via existing Sky dishes.

Please note that the above press release, while sent to us today, is actually dated 28th November 2003. It doesn't appear to have been reported on (here) before.

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