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Gov To Wi-Fi Enable ALL Libraries
By: MarkJ - 04 December, 2003 (2:32 PM)

The government’s e-Minister, Stephen Timms, has helped to open today’s Wi-Fi & 3G summit by confirming plans to install broadband wireless hotspots in every public library:

"I'm very keen on the idea that every public library should be a WiFi hotspot," he said. "Already 90% have broadband, and my department is now working up that idea."

Timms strongly supported the future of 3G, and said that it would be "complementary" to WiFi.

He said: "A few months, Brian McBride, ceo of T-Mobile and I shared a platform; he's not only a leader in mobile data, but also a leader of WiFi deployment - and he was clear that the hotspot business isn't a fully formed business model. But he also says first, that it's complementary to 3G; and second, it's a technology and a business which nobody in mobile industries can afford to ignore."

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