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Exmoor Village Gains 2Mbps BB
By: MarkJ - 24 January, 2004 (9:28 AM)

The not-for-profit wireless supplier, Broadband Business Ltd., has announced the introduction of a hi-speed synchronous (same speed both ways) 2Mbps wireless service for the area:


Exmoor, a beautiful but sparsely-populated region on the Somerset/Devon border, has suffered from a poor infrastructure since time immemorial. But this is about to change.

Luxborough, a tiny village with fewer than 100 homes and businesses, will go live with 2Mbit synchronous broadband by the end of February. Broadband Business Ltd, a not-for-profit wireless supplier, is utilising existing masts to bring this remarkable advance to this remote location.

"This will revolutionise life for businesses and home-workers and bring great opportunities for the village children and the many retired people in Luxborough," said Colin Balkham, director of a software house based in the village and co-ordinator of the Broadband4Exmoor campaign website (www.broadband4exmoor.org.uk). "The service is infinitely superior to BT's ADSL offering - and we're too far from the exchange for ADSL to be a possibility."

The first site in the village goes live during February and it is hoped that the service can be brought to to as many of the businesses and homes in the village as wish to use it - a Luxborough Community Broadband Association is planned. The service joins the national broadband backbone via the existing mast at Lype Hill and is transmitted to a defunct television aerial which used to serve the hamlet at the top of the hill. A fibre optic cable is being laid to Project Computers' premises and from there it will be transmitted via wireless to the rest of the village.

Broadband Business Ltd plan a twin-source broadband strategy, including fibre optic just over the Devon border in Bampton. This will be used to serve many of Exmoor's communities which are currently surviving on dial-up or ISDN.

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