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BT/UKB Considering WiMAX Trial(s)
By: MarkJ - 22 January, 2004 (1:14 PM)

The forthcoming broadband wireless standard designed for use in fixed wide area networks, WiMAX, is reportedly being assessed by BT and UKBroadband for trial in the UK.

Intel is promoting WiMAX as a fix for one of Internet service providers' biggest problems: how to get fast Internet access into homes and businesses without tearing up roads and sidewalks everywhere and laying down fiber-optic cable.

The technology can blanket a 30-mile area with the capability of transmitting data at 70-megabits per second.

Intel envisions the deployment of WiMAX using outdoor antennas that can bring the signal to the front doors of homes and offices. From there, a router would pick up the WiMAX signal and deliver Internet connections to computers.

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