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Eclipse Boosts Coverage Campaign
By: MarkJ - 18 November, 2003 (8:58 AM)

UK ISP Eclipse is set to help thousands more broadband campaigners. The news follows yesterday’s announcement by BT that 2,300 additional UK exchanges had been set a trigger level for ADSL:

Eclipse Internet set to help thousands more broadband campaigners

Today Britain moved another step closer to achieving 100% coverage for broadband Internet services. A further 2,300 exchanges have been given trigger levels in a welcomed move by BT to increase the availability of highly sought after broadband Internet services. However, the challenge to communities all around the country has only just begun and local campaigners are required to boost registrations of interest in order to meet the trigger levels. Only then will broadband become available. In response to this challenge, top broadband service provider Eclipse Internet is offering unprecedented support to help campaigners bring broadband to their areas in the form of its highly successful ‘we want broadband’ campaign.

Why start a broadband campaign?
A proven way to get a local telephone exchange activated for broadband – is to launch a local campaign and demonstrate that sufficient demand exists for broadband in the exchange. Through the www.wewantbroadband.co.uk site Eclipse Internet has already supported over 500 campaigns, many of which have successfully reached their trigger levels and facilitated the provision of broadband services in their area.

Eclipse Director, Jomie Carmichael said of the campaigners, “These individuals and groups have been instrumental in the successful launch of broadband. By spreading the word and gathering registrations of interest they have been responsible for bringing their local areas into the 21st century in terms of Internet use. Broadband is fast becoming an essential service for homes and business, changing the way that people live and work and broadband campaigners should be applauded for their work in helping to make it available.

Eclipse Internet campaign support
• Free campaign website (www.yourtown.wewantbroadband.co.uk) that is simply to set up and can be tailored to your campaign. An example can be found at www.exeter.wewantbroadband.co.uk
• Free leaflets and posters to raise awareness of the campaign
• The hugely popular bulk pre registration spreadsheet making mass canvassing easier for sponsors
• Double referrer points for sponsors to reward sponsors’ hard work
• Advice and support in running a campaign

Top tips to kick-start your own campaign

1. Check to see if a trigger level has been set for your area. An easy way to do this is to visit www.wewantbroadband.co.uk and type your telephone number into the box on the screen – all of the relevant information for your area will then appear. If ADSL broadband is not yet available in your area, you can register as a sponsor
2. Get your campaign message ready
3. Sign up as a sponsor on www.wewantbroadband.co.uk
4. Request your free campaign web site and leaflets/posters
5. Recruit as many willing volunteers as possible to distribute leaflets and put posters up
6. Publicise your campaign web site and keep it up to date with news
7. Spread the word on the benefits of broadband and encourage others to do the same
8. Contact the local press and your MP to get more coverage for your campaign
9. Collect as many registrations of interest as you can by either getting people to register on your web site, or complete their details on the leaflets

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