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Broadband To Boost X-Mas Shopping
By: MarkJ - 25 November, 2003 (1:12 PM)

The latest statistics from Forrester Research estimate that, between 1st November and the Christmas closedown, online shoppers in Western Europe will buy more than 6.3bn worth of goods:

The final figure looks set to be 18% higher than 2002 reports Forrester and it expects that shoppers in the UK and Germany will be responsible for 63% of the spending spree.

In previous years people were happy to buy books, CDs and games online but now many were buying games consoles, DVD players and other household gadgets, he said.

"Broadband is helping too," he said, "we are seeing people spend more time online just browsing and looking around."

This could be a problem for Santa because broadband has yet to fully cover Lapland and Rudolf is well known as a dialup modem hog. More @ BBC News Online.

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