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Community Broadband Hit By BT?
By: MarkJ - 26 November, 2003 (9:19 AM)

Fears have been raised that many of the country's community broadband schemes, for areas where ADSL has yet to reach, could be damaged by BTs decision to set 2,300 more ADSL trigger levels:

BT has already acknowledged that some of these triggers are 'very challenging', given the small size of many of the villages and towns concerned. But some in the industry fear that community broadband activists may now find it much harder to get funding from a Regional Development Agency (RDA) or similar body to finance a solution in one of Britain's broadband backlogs if an ADSL target has now been set.

"It's an issue of perception. Once people hear that BT might roll out broadband in their area, they think everything is OK," an informed source told ZDNet UK.

An area that was previously seen as being unviable for ADSL broadband by an RDA, and therefore suitable for funding to receive a community broadband project, may have that status reversed if it now has a BT trigger level assigned to its local exchange.

It's certainly an interesting take on the recent good news from BT, especially since setting a trigger is one thing, hitting it is something else entirely.

Sadly something like this was almost inevitable. Sooner or later local community projects will find themselves competing with a major operator. More @ ZDNet.

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