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Mass USA/EU DNS Failure Hits ISPs
By: MarkJ - 26 November, 2003 (1:21 PM)

Following on from an earlier news item regarding Telewest's service outage; it now appears as if a major DNS/Routing failure between the USA and UK/EU has caused multiple ISPs to suffer connectivity and other service difficulties.

There's currently a lot of speculation regarding the cause, although several ISPs have pointed the finger towards a damaged undersea transatlantic cable. While the main problems have been resolved, many ISPs may continue to feel the after effects.

The TAT-14 (640Gbps) line has been highlighted as a potential source for the problems. Hopefully most ISPs should now be returning to normal operation, although some e-mails and content aspects may still be catching up.

It remains to be seen how the problems occurred in the first place.

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