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Kite Launch ADSL Based VoIP Phone
By: MarkJ - 24 November, 2003 (12:47 PM)

Kite Communications has announced the introduction of MyPhone, a telephone system for the small business, using Voice over IP (VoIP) delivered via broadband ADSL connections:

There are an estimated 2.2 million home workers in the UK, which is increasing by 13% each year. Kite Communications have addressed the practicalities and have created The MyPhone Service. In short, it provides all of the benefits of an expensive phone system without the up front costs. The client can make and receive calls that can be held and transferred easily, and the voicemail facility can be accessed anywhere in the country. The real advantage of the system is that it has a personal phone number. This means the user can work either at home or in the office without the caller knowing.

Having the same phone line in different locations can also be beneficial for the smaller business. With office space costing around 73 p/sq.ft in London, people now have a realistic alternative. Two partners collaborating in a business venture can both work from their own homes. As they can share the same phone number and would receive the same in coming calls, either person can answer and transfer.

Larger businesses can also utilise the benefits of this system. By minimising travel into work the employees having to visit clients can now spend more time in the field, which would in turn boost customer relations. By introducing flexible work times and the MyPhone service into the workplace, there would be great many advantages. Having more home workers will reduce overheads and general costs for both the employer and employee. With the avoidance of stressful commuting and better integration of work and home life, this would surely greatly improve motivation and productivity, not to mention the overall well being of the worker.

The MyPhone system is hugely versatile and can even be used in conjunction with Radio Stations. Andy Bantock, technical writer for the Radio Magazine, and is an expert in radio broadcast technology was impressed by the audio quality and stated that MyPhone would be perfectly acceptable for a radio interview.

The "MyPhone" service is provided by "Kite Communications" and is rented on a per user basis. They supply the IP phones as part of the monthly rental that simply plug into a broadband connection that they also supply. More information about this product can be found on their home page, http://www.kitecomms.com/Products/Home-office-phone-system.htm

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