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Cable Firms Lead Broadband Delivery
By: MarkJ - 27 August, 2003 (10:09 AM)

While ADSL operators may ultimately gain more customers, a new survey has shown that broadband cable-modem services, such as those from NTL and Telewest, still manage to lead in terms of delivery. In other words, the ratio of broadband connections to total customers:

A survey of 22 global cable TV providers, entitled Cable Competition in Broadband Markets, conducted by analyst Point Topic, found that cable firms have got higher percentages of their client bases to sign up to broadband than telcos.

The study shows that, in the UK, NTL and Telewest both reached 20 per cent within two years of starting to market cable internet seriously.

On the other hand, telcos, the report noted, are doing well if they have just eight per cent of their lines using digital subscriber line (DSL) technology.

While the comparison may not be completely fair, it does show that cable based services are quite capable of keeping up with the broadband supplied by incumbent national Telco’s, but then we already knew that. More @ VNUNet.

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