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V Two One Touts vISP Supplier Success
By: MarkJ - 19 August, 2003 (1:19 PM)

UK ISP V Two One (aka - V21) has today issued a new press release touting the success of its virtual ISP (vISP) services. V21 is now the provider behind over 20 ISP's across the country:

V Two One VISP offering....

The UK based Market leader V Two One are proud to announce a very successful year within the wholesale of its services. The VISP arm of the Business has grown and gone from strength to strength within the last year, and has come to the rescue of numerous Affinity backed ISP's who had struggled during the change over of their service and the collapse of the ISP wholesale unit.

V Two One are now the provider behind over 20 ISP's across the UK and are still growing with some major announcements to be made within the next few weeks. The VISPs of V Two One enjoy a very flexible system allowing our clients to charge their own prices, create their own packages and offer a fantastic level of support.

V Two One have one of the most flexible and easy to use system in this market place and I am sure that we can offer advice quotes to any businesses/ people who are looking to offer VISP services and we will do our level best to beat/match any previous quotes given by our competitors.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact V Two One on 0871 424 1202 or affiliates@v21.co.uk

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