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PlusNet Wants Cheaper ADSL ISPs?
By: MarkJ - 18 August, 2003 (1:06 PM)

UK ISP PlusNet has complained to Oftel about the lack of low cost broadband ADSL providers. Of course there's method in their madness, the press release is also used to tout a new 24.99 per month EasyStart ADSL offer; very sneaky:

PlusNet complain to Oftel about low cost ADSL providers. There aren't enough of them!

Oftel seems to be content with leading brand ISPs in this country selling ADSL at 28 per month, when companies like PlusNet have proved that it is possible to deliver high quality, low cost ADSL solutions whilst delivering high standards of service levels (as consistently shown by industry commentators www.adslguide.org.uk) without compromising the financial performance of the business.

Whereas more and more people are joining the Broadband Revolution, the vast majority are simply unaware that there are much better deals and products available to them, from a group of well-established industry leading ISPs.

Today PlusNet turns up the heat, by launching a new EasyStart product that gives you everything you need to join Broadband Britain at an unbeatable price!

In addition to the stripped down ADSL product that is being offered at just 18.99 per month and our standard product at 21.99 per month, there has been increasing demand for an all-in-one offering including the cost of set-up and the connection equipment required. EasyStart.

EasyStart includes the essential plug'n'play modem equipment and line activation for a clear, low-cost monthly subscription. Customers save over 100 on the cost of buying these items separately with this simple, convenient all-in-one solution - costing only 24.99 per month as opposed the mainstream offers at 27.99 per month.

"EasyStart was created in response to the desire for a straightforward, plug'n'play Broadband offer that fitted their budget," stated Marco Potesta, Commercial Director at PlusNet. "It provides great value and, at just 24.99, represents the best deal in the country right now."

This low price does not mean any skimping on included features either. Anti-spam and Anti-virus email protection is included as standard, meaning a hassle-free experience when using the service. Unlimited email addresses and 250MBwebspace are also standard and expert help is at hand around the clock, from dedicated Support staff, at local call rate.

"Oftel only seems interested in the agendas of the big brand ISPs and not delivering on driving consumer value as a result. There are a number of ISPs that are successfully delivering much better quality of service, customer experience and most importantly, price, from the same level playing field that is BT Wholesale's ADSL platform."

Signup for EasyStart today at http://www.plus.net - it's the 'simplest way to get started with Broadband'

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