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Nildram Focus On Broadband Quality
By: MarkJ - 29 August, 2003 (8:43 AM)

UK ISP Nildram has redefined its broadband ADSL portfolio to focus on quality of service. The provider has accompanied this announcement by launching a secure (Anti-SPAM / Viruses) and 'market leading' e-mail service:

Nildram re-define Broadband!

Nildram, one of the UKs highest performing providers of Broadband ADSL Internet connection, have today announced a fundamental re-structuring of their Broadband ADSL portfolio, along with the launch of an industry leading Broadband e-mail service.

Nildram has lead the way in providing Broadband services across the UK for over 3 years and is now leading the pack once again in redefining Broadband in terms of Quality of Service, rather than the Home/Office split that has been a feature of Broadband services to date.

Today Nildram is announcing two significant changes in its portfolio of Broadband services;

Firstly Nildram has re-branded it's portfolio along terms of Quality of Service rather than market segmentation and secondly it has introduced a market leading e-mail service offering security, choice of technologies and user controllability second to none in the marketplace.

By redefining it's Broadband portfolio along Quality of Service lines means that Nildram enable the user to choose the service most appropriate to their needs and, if necessary, simply move between services with minimum disruption.

The Nildram Broadband range now comprises dsl, dslPro and dslSecure service offerings, with a variety of connectivity options. dslSurf500, dsl500, dsl1000 and dsl2000 employ the same high performance services that have built Nildram's reputation as the UKs No. 1 Broadband Service Provider and include e-mail and backup facilities to ensure peace of mind. The dslPro and dslSecure 500/100/2000 services are geared for users who require a resilient, always on service, and include an Anytime FRIACO account for use in the unlikely event that the Broadband service does operate correctly.

The pricing of the new services is highly competitive offering an unbeatable combination of functionality, performance, customer care and value for money.

Secondly, Nildrams new Broadband e-mail service, being introduced with the new Broadband portfolio, includes Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus measures as standard. The service supports a minimum of 5 mailboxes, with a choice of POP3, or IMAP, protocols. IMAP offers the users the ability to leave their mail on the Nildram servers, again offering security against loss. IMAP is of particular use to users who need to be mobile, or require access to their mail from more than one location e.g. at home via their Broadband connection and from the office. Nildram believes that it is the responsibility of the Service Provider to facilitate as secure an environment as possible for it's users to surf the Internet and send and receive their e-mail, still the most popular Internet Application, and this responsibility was a fundamental component in the development of this new service.

For full details of the new range of Broadband services, along with details of the new Broadband e-mail platform, visit the Nildram Broadband website at: http://www.getadsl.co.uk

Iain Ogilvie, Nildrams Marketing Manager comments: This is an exciting launch for us - we have listened to the market and put together what we believe will be an unbeatable proposition - whatever you use Broadband for, Nildram have a service to suit your requirements and your budget!

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