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NDO Scrap Activation and Setup Costs
By: MarkJ - 29 August, 2003 (3:03 PM)

From 1st September 2003 UK ISP NDO will scrap both the broadband ADSL activation and setup charges on all its Business products!:

From 1st September 2003, NDO permanently scraps the Activation and Setup charges on all its Business broadband products.

All businesses ordering our Business ADSL products (Business500, Business1000 and Business2000) from NDO will now save the 60 setup and Activation charge that was originally applied to these products. For the last two months this reduction has been available via our Summer Sun promotion - and owing to much positive feedback we have decided to keep the reduction.

So now from the 1st of September our prices are:

Business500 (512k connection) for 39.99 a month or just 442.99 a year - no setup charges.

Business1000 (1mb connection) for 59.99 a month or just 664.99 a year - no setup charges.

Business2000 (2mb connection) for 74.99 a month or just 834.99 a year - no setup charges.

- all subject to VAT.

These are for Business class maximum 20:1 connections, with static IP addresses or full IP networks; SMTP mail support, POP3 mailboxes, webspace, no port blocking or filtering on the ADSL connection and an outstanding 99.5% monthly availability SLA. Plus unlimited access to our Technical Support teams is just a phone call away and available 24 hours a day.

Compared to the recently announced BT price cuts for just 10 more a month than BT charge for a Business500 connection you can enjoy 4 times the speed with a Business2000 connection from NDO.

Full details are available on: http://www.ndodsl.com/business/ or call us free on 0800 731 3311.

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