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Firenet ISP Offers Quality Assurances
By: MarkJ - 13 November, 2003 (8:57 AM)

To celebrate its inclusion into the UK Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA), Firenet have launched their quality of service (QOS) assurances for all customers:

Alan Castle CEO of Firenet stated, We are getting better! The customers have not stopped signing up since our DOUBLE award from Which Magazine, for that its time to ensure the best service possible for all our customers

The following is the QOS statement from Firenet, which will be implemented into the compliancy document in December for OFCOM, the new regulator of all ECPs, electronic communication providers.

Opening hours of support.
Firenet now have new opening hours from 9.00 am until 7.30 pm Monday to Friday and Sat 10.00 until 4 pm. This will mean more staff and better use of the support hours.

Dial up numbers
New Alternatives for dial up numbers, if you get a busy tone, you can use the next number details are provided if required from support.

Email Support
Any emails sent will be answered within 3 working hours.

Telephone support
All support calls will be answered within 3 rings and no automated answer system.

All support staff are based in the UK and actually speak proper English.

Server Support
Firenet have up to date reporting software for reporting faults on servers before customers are aware there is a problem, this will help us to resolve the problem within a very quick time.

Complaint Handling
All complaints will be dealt with and responded to within 48 hours.

We provide an escalation system if you are still unhappy with the resolve of the complaint you may escalate your problem to management.

Firenet have now incorporated a compensatory scheme for any customer of Firenet, this will be standard procedure from December 2003.

Quality Achievements
Firenet will work for compliancy in the Communications Act of 2003 by December 2003. This will benefit our members greatly.

Server Extras
Firenet will ensure that all emails provided are Spam and Virus free

Firenet will ensure that all provisions of service will remain in superior quality.

Final Notes, Firenet welcome all comments in ensuring our standards are both kept and evolved from more customer feedback, the form for helping us help you is at http://www.firenet.uk.net/support/feedback.asp

Firenet have recently been appointed Nominees for the Best National Unmetered ISP 2004 awards for the coveted ISPAs.

We fully welcome any UK ISP that's brave enough to commit itself to a specific set of quality assurances. Hopefully they'll be able to stick to what's promised above. Sadly there's no real connection or speed guarantee.

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