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Mac-1 Preps 4/8Mbps Satellite Service
By: MarkJ - 08 August, 2003 (2:33 PM)

The UK broadband satellite offering ISP, Mac-1 Internet, has today announced the forthcoming availability of their new one-way 4 and 8Mbps products!:

Register Your Interest for our 4Mb and 8Mb One-way Satellite Broadband systems.

Unlike ANYBODY else, we shall soon be launching our 4Mb and 8Mb per second Broadband products.

This is achieved by Satellite, and can be used ANYWHERE in Europe that the Eurobird satellite covers.

Companies in the UK can add this system to their current networks, by using any method of upload system they currently have i.e. Analogue dial-up, ISDN 64k & 128k, ADSL, SDSL or leased line.

This system is best suited to Companies who have the need for higher download bandwidth, such as Architects, Printers, Publishers & Designers etc, where the conventional 2Mb is not enough, due to the size of their networks and the file sizes that are becoming larger in email attachments, FTP sites and web-site downloads.

The kind of speeds you can expect are:

4Mb, 500 Kilo Bytes per second, and 8Mb, 1000 Kilo Bytes per second!

It is anticipated that the costs for this service are 1400+VAT for the installation and equipment charges, and 175+VAT per month for the 4Mb, and 275+VAT per month for the 8Mb. These prices are indicative only, and shall be confirmed at a later date.

The trigger level for this service is 2000 systems across the whole of Europe. We shall keep you informed of the amount of pre-registrations on our website.

While it may seem expensive for a one-way service, we know of very few other such offers.

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