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Survey Finds Need For Cheaper ADSL
By: MarkJ - 14 August, 2003 (8:27 AM)

Once again Silicon has published the results of another reader survey into UK broadband, this time finding that 52.8% are happy with the cost of their connection. Interestingly the other half believes that it could be cheaper - MUCH CHEAPER:

Only 47.2 per cent of those readers who have broadband think there need to be further price cuts, with 11 to 15 identified as the most popular range by 40.9 per cent of that minority.

These people also find support among the broadband have-nots, with 13.3 per cent of those without broadband citing prohibitive pricing as the reason they haven't made the high-speed upgrade.

In all, the majority of respondents who want to see price cuts put the ideal price range at under 20, with only 5.3 per cent willing to pay more than 20. However, 29.5 per cent believe the price should actually be under 10 per month.

High-speed broadband ADSL for 10 per month, that'll be the day! Sub-20 per month prices are risky enough as it is, although any further decreases would only be possible if BT were to reduce costs - again.

To be honest we feel that the current pricing is both fair and diverse, with plenty of choice and a growing amount of 'service' difference between providers.

Still, there's always somebody wanting something for nothing, with 3.8% of the respondents expecting broadband to be free =).

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