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poogg's Review for Green ISP

 Green ISP (Broadband Fixed Line)
Posted: 04th Feb, 2009    By: poogg
Title: No Complaints
Reading the latest review for Green ISP has spurred me to write my own review. I have also been with Green ISP for 2 years and I am always on the lookout for better deals. I tell you now . . . there are none!

For a completely (and I mean completely) unmetered service I have found no better. I have seen cheaper products with awful “Fair Use” Policies and I have seen prohibitively expensive unmetered produces. Green ISP isn’t the cheapest . . . but it’s not that expensive and they do not block traffic, they don’t filter traffic, there is no download limit, you don’t have to worry about off peak and on peak downloads and it’s always fast.

I think I would defiantly be classified as a heavy user. I use the internet for work and entertainment (iplayer, sky player, ITV Player, Joost etc.) and gaming. I have never received a word of complaint from Green ISP.

I had a few troubles with my connected, but it turned out to be a crappy filter . . . and Green ISP were very helpful and patient when I blamed them for the problem.

So in conclusion:
- Good Price – Fast – Good Service – Totally Unmetered – Never down (for me at least). No complaints.

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