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Portsmouth UK Virgin Media Users Suffer Lengthy Outage After Cable Cut

Posted Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 (8:27 am) by Mark Jackson (Score 1,899)
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Customers of Virgin Media’s cable broadband and TV network in Portsmouth on the south coast of England could be left without service for up to three days after contractors conducting roadworks cut through one of the operators vital cables. Separately Virgin are also testing a new Traffic Management policy on the 100Mbps+ package.

The on-going situation, which began yesterday morning at around 9am and is also believed to be affecting some customers in the neighbouring city of Southampton, is understood to be centred on the Northern Road bridge in Cosham where one of the operators vital cable connections takes place.

A VirginMedia Spokesperson said:

A part of our network was damaged by roadworks to the north of Portsmouth this morning affecting customers in parts of the city and the surrounding area.

Our engineers have been on site today and will continue to work through the night to repair this damage in order to bring services back as quickly as possible. We apologise for any disruption.”

Customers affected by the outage have been told that they might not be back online until Thursday (6th June 2013), although TV services are expected to return within 48 hours from the initial incident. “Our engineers are working to get this resolved as soon as possible. We are currently estimated to have this resolved in the next 48 hours. If there is any change we will keep you posted,” said Collette_T from Virgin’s forum team. There are currently several related fault references and forum topics about this on Virgin Media’s forum (examples here, here and here).

Separately Virgin Media have adjusted their Traffic Management policy for upstream bandwidth on their top-tier 100/120Mbps broadband packages, which appears to be part of a “wide scale trial” to help make video streaming from home PC’s smoother (here). Sadly no specifics were revealed, much to the annoyance of some customers (here). Incidentally Virgin Media’s 100Mbps customers can also expect to receive their upgrade to 120Mbps (12Mbps upstream) “by the end of the year“.

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5 Responses
  1. Kyle

    Excessive timescales, substandard road repairs following completion and now the incompetency resulting in the loss of data connectivity; who lets these people loose on the job?!

  2. FibreFred

    Why are there no cries about “why is there no resilience” 😉

  3. Dazberry

    Pleased to report that all services have been restored (well in my area anyway) following the severing of the cable by workmen. Off since 0930ish on Monday. Hurray!

    • Roberto

      Yep fixed in just over a day :) Much better than BT who took 2 weeks to fix an outage my area had a few months back, great job Virgin

  4. David

    I have to “Defend” Virgin this time. It was nothing to do with them.( Construction Gang, building new bridge in Cosham ) Some prat of a JCB driver who obviously had not checked ANY drawings for underground cables; Did not just “CUT” the “Fibre Optics Cable” he “TORE” the cable. ( Even if his BOSS said dig their” I would want to check for myself the “layout of the land” ..could have been a very high “Mains Cable” .. then we would be discussing the “Death” of a JCB driver.!!!
    My only gripe with “Virgin” is the “Service Status” information, which reports the status of “Broadband” “TV” “Email” .. often reports “Service Status” as all OK! when it is not. Just rang “Virgin” and they have credited my Bill for loss of service.
    They will get huge “Compensation” from the contractors; so don’t forget to “150” and ask for your “Compo”

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