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BT Cut Unlimited Superfast Broadband Price Plus £50 Sainsburys Voucher

Friday, June 28th, 2013 (1:00 pm) - Score 1,422
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UK Internet provider BT Retail has cut the cost of its superfast broadband Unlimited BTInfinity1 (FTTC) and calls bundle to £20 a month for the first 12 months of service and added in a £50 Sainsbury’s Gift Card for good measure.

In fact the £50 Sainsbury’s Gift Card is available across all of the superfast BTInfinity packages, which falls in value to £25 if you take one of the ISPs standard broadband options. Customers will also need to take BT Line Rental from the equivalent of £11.75 a month when paid 12 months in advance or £15.45 monthly.

Unlimited BT Infinity 1
* Download speeds of up to 38Mbps (9.5Mbps uploads)
* Totally Unlimited Usage
* 2GB Online Cloud Storage
* £30 Activation Charge
* FREE HomeHub 4 Router
* FREE HomeHub 4 Router
* FREE UK Weekend Calls
* FREE Unlimited BTWiFi Hotspots
* FREE BTSport TV service
* FREE BT SmartTalk (use your call plan over wifi)
* FREE BT Family Protection and NetProtect Plus (online security)
* 18 Month Contract

PRICE: £20 a month for 12 months (£23 thereafter)

It’s worth pointing out that the BTSport service includes FREE access to the BTSport 1, BTSport 2 and ESPN TV channels from 1st August 2013 with their related app / online player. This includes, among other things, 38 live Barclays Premier League football matches (including 18 top picks) and 69 live Aviva Premiership rugby games.

Incidentally BTVision has warned that a small number of its slower standard broadband and TV customers could briefly lose their Sky Sports 1 and 2 channels when BTSport launches in August. BT said it has developed a “new technology to stream Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 over copper broadband” but this won’t work for everybody, especially if your connection is too slow to handle it (we suspect this means sub-1 or 2Mbps speeds). Customers who lose the service will be compensated with six months of free broadband.

The new offer is expected to be available until 2nd August 2013.

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13 Responses
  1. Avatar DTMark

    “Incidentally BTVision has warned that a small number of its slower standard broadband and TV customers could briefly lose their Sky Sports 1 and 2 channels when BTSport launches in August.”


  2. Still waiting for my £50 Sainsbury’s voucher and I signed up to infinity at our old address 12 months ago, filled the stuff in online and its still never arrived.

  3. Avatar ben

    @DTM im assuming that its because they are using DTT channels 41 and 42 for BT Sport rather than SS1 and 2. I know those with faster adsl connections have been offered SS1 and 2 over copper but the rest of us with a non infinity connection are either left losing ss1 and 2 or not being able to order it. There not gonna challenge sky with offerings like that.

  4. Avatar Roberto

    “Customers who lose the service will be compensated with six months of free broadband.”

    Who are they kidding? Do they think people can not count?

    Smarter customers will argue its a significant change in terms of the contract you agreed to when you signed up for the package and tell them to get lost.

    It is possible to be on a broadband product which costs only £10 a month (so that is basically £60 credit on your account they are offering) which is less than the cost of both Sky Sports channels you are losing (Sky sports 1 & 2 is £20 a month) so BT are not even compensating you in entirety for the loss.

    Unless i am reading the price of £20 for sky sports 1 & 2 wrong…
    http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/products/tv/compare-packages (about half way down)

    • Avatar MikeW

      Given that when BT stop providing the 2 sky sports channels, you stop paying the £20pm, you aren’t actually losing any money.

      BT aren’t trying to compensate a financial loss (because there isn’t one). Just a loss of access.

      Maths and logic aren’t your strong points, are they? But you’re very good at moaning.

    • Avatar Roberto

      How can they be compensating a loss of access by giving you access to something else (IE 6 months broadband free) that is lesser in value than the access you had?

      Business must love you, do you sign up to 18 month contracts regularly, get part of what you signed up for taken away, then replaced with something of lesser value often and smile about it?

      Oh and as for maths not being my strong point, clearly it is stronger than yours as even if we remove the £20 for sky sports from the equation you are then left with a box that will basically give you nothing more than freeview does and still be paying a monthly fee for, not to mention the £49 activation charge you paid for it.

      Moaning my strong point? Id rather than than blindly licking BT bottom.

    • Avatar MikeW

      LOL. You are mistaking my enjoyment of pointing out your illogical, innumerate, and inconsistent rants for a love of BT.

      Nah – BT have created a commercial nightmare, with two incompatible boxes, offering two different services that can’t be swapped between, and then giving two different results when you connect via copper or fibre. Too complicated for the man in the street to understand.

      If you stuck to pointing out that people don’t like being treated like this, and tend to walk away, then fine – I’d agree 100% with that. But you led with “Do they think people can not count?” to prove that you certainly can’t.

    • Avatar Roberto

      So are you denying their is a £49 activation charge for a BT Vision box, a box you paid to be activated but are going to lose channels on? Are you denying those stuck in an 18 month contract will have to still pay a monthly fee for a box they are losing content on? Are you then denying BTs gesture to appease these individuals is to give them 6 months broadband which can be as little in value terms as £60?

      I agree about BT having 2 boxes in part, would not matter as much if you could have the same content via both services but you can not, which seems a bit silly. Makes you wonder who was negotiating deals with third parties for content.

      Do not shout, at me and say i am moaning, BT have created the balls up all on their own.

    • Avatar MikeW

      £49 < £60.

      Do keep up.

    • Avatar Robert

      £49 Activation


      £5 per month minimal charge (for what is termed the essential package…

      TIMES BY

      18 MONTHS (AKA The Contract period.)


      LOSS of £20 Worth of sports channels

      Gesture by BT giving you 6 months broadband worth £10 per month.


      BT inability to count and you stupid enough to think that is a good deal

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