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UK ISP BT Unveils New HomeHub 5 VDSL2 Broadband Wireless Router

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 (10:29 am) - Score 26,917

BT has today announced yet another new HomeHub 5 router that includes special support for their superfast broadband (FTTC) based BTInfinity packages by adding a built-in VDSL2 modem, the latest ultrafast Gigabit capable 802.11ac WiFi technology and 4 GigE (1000Mbps Ethernet) ports.

The new kit follows hot on the heels of BT’s recent Hub 4 launch in May 2013 (here), which is visually almost identical to the new Home Hub 5 except for the extra wizardry inside. In particular the newly integrated VDSL2 modem means that BTInfinity customers will no longer need a separate Openreach modem to connect via an FTTC line (a tactic that’s also just been adopted by EE).

David McDonald, GM of Consumer Broadband, said:

The new BT Home Hub 5 and the introduction of 300Mbps FTTP show how we are obsessed with providing an amazing broadband experience. BT has always had the edge here, but we are now leaping ahead of the competition.

Only BT offers a service that combines dual band, Wi-Fi, no traffic management, market leading network performance and Superfast BT Infinity. BT’s unlimited products really are “Totally Unlimited”, and BT will never do anything to slow these customers down. If customers want a great browsing, streaming, gaming and uploading experience there is only one choice.”

The new Hub 5 is expected to launch by the end of this year and will be included in all BTInfinity packages as standard. Existing Infinity customers will be able to re-contract to get a Home Hub 5 for free or will be able to buy one for a small fee. Hub 4 will continue to be offered as an inclusive part of the package alongside BT’s standard copper broadband packages.

We hope to have more details shortly..

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24 Responses
  1. Avatar adslmax says:

    Will we be able to change the default DNS servers and allow ping response on WAN?

    These basic features have been missing for a long time.

    1. Avatar Kyle says:

      Doubt it!

      I’ve just purchased the HH4 and although there was a firmware update on Friday night, this still isn’t available.

      In fact, if you’ve ever used a HH2/3, the only differences are two pages for both wifi frquencies setup and a broken page for router history.

  2. Avatar sam says:

    802.11ac and 4 gigabit ports sounds nice. No info about if there is a usb port on it?

    1. Avatar Chris says:

      Is a usb port but no functionality for it in GUI other than to list if anything is connected.
      No wan pings.
      No Custom DNS.

  3. Avatar DTMark says:

    “The new BT Home Hub 5 and the introduction of 300Mbps FTTP show how we are obsessed with providing an amazing broadband experience.”

    “BT has always had the edge here”

    Comedy gold.

    1. Avatar telecom engineer says:

      Well theres not a great deal of cpe that matches that spec. Also who else is offering 300meg (at cost yes) at all? Who is going to make it available into double digig coverage let alone 60% of the uk?
      There is always pr spin on things but ifseems even when bt offer a thirsty man water some still find fault. Show me a better offer and I will happily switch!

    2. Avatar DTMark says:

      BT wasn’t obsessed with providing any kind of data connectivity service at all in Blackpool, nor in Welwyn Garden City. Just a phone company, no broadband to be seen (lines too long/too poor). It’s only a phone network. Broadband… what’s that?

      It has finally got around to shoving some FTTC cabinets into Harlow but speed test maps where I lived are a sea of red VM boxes. Anyone who wanted broadband already went over to VM. A decade too late.

      Virgin Media has always had the edge, and a small BT deployment of some true fibre connections which can “keep up” is not “having the edge” except possibly in those specific areas and then only if you commit for three years – VM does not require that, they’ve invested already so can get the ROI without it.

      And indeed as far as FTTP goes, Hyperoptic were well ahead there anyway, and their speeds have a considerable edge over BT’s present FTTP offerings.

      I can understand the desire to put a positive spin on the marketing speak, but it helps if the assertions made are 1. Credible and 2. Factually true.

    3. Avatar FibreFred says:

      Suppose you only look at it from your perspective DTMark, others enjoy great speeds where Virgin won’t go

    4. Avatar DTMark says:

      Hmmm. To be fair to both of us, and perhaps presumptiously though I’ve made a fair number of posts on this: you know my views on OFCOM, regulation, BDUK and SMP (which is a key reason why Virgin won’t expand). These have not assisted the market, they have destroyed any chance that one may emerge thus lowering, not raising, standards for all. The government and BDUK are the problem, not the solution.

      I just find it amusing that as a developer who needs constant internet access with decent speeds – BT has been a complete irrelevance for a decade with literally nothing at all to offer at a variety of urban locations. Here in a rural setting it can offer narrowband (1.5Meg throughout), and even that’s better than all the urban locations I’ve lived in, save for just one. Here a MBB dongle can provide ten times the speed over a slightly greater transmission distance. This is a farce. Though to be fair, it is rural. This result may not be surprising.

      It is monunentally depressing that even now, you have to make sure the area you plan to move to is cabled with BT in second place as a backup should that go horribly wrong as it so frequently does. You don’t buy a house which is only served by BT if broadband is important.

      Lovely router – just need to build a network for it to connect to now 🙂

    5. Avatar FibreFred says:

      DTMark if your woes represented the majority of the UK it would be easier to have more sympathy but they don’t.

      You’ll find “not so good spots” in every part of each country in every country in the world

  4. Avatar Robert says:

    Sounds a good device, its basically what should had been supplied with Fibre packages from the start. Certainly spec wise its better equipment than the likes of Sky and other big players CURRENTLY bundle.

    About the only caution i would have and will wait and see about is how well the internal modem performs compared to current stand-alone Huawei and ECI devices BT supply. Other than that it finally seems like a significant upgrade to the equipment they are supplying. Lets hope now other ISPs follow suit and bundle All-in-One gear with decent wifi and a full compliment of Gigabit ports.

    A shame about the PR dross statement, if they had just left it at the announcement of new hub and specs rather than adding a sprinkling of BS it would had been a flawless announcement.

  5. Avatar hmm says:

    how nice haa NOT!!

  6. Avatar FibreFred says:

    Doesn’t this router now outspec the Superhub v2?

    1. Avatar DanielM says:

      No. well maybe the wifi yeh. but bt will have custom software on it which typically breaks it and the features

    2. Avatar FibreFred says:

      You mean like the custom Virgin software?

    3. Avatar DanielM says:

      The virgin firmware ain’t so bad. Yes it has bugs but no where as bad as BT’s

    4. Avatar FibreFred says:

      Suppose it depends on its use, I’ve used most of the hubs so far and not encountered any major problems. Certainly none with the v3

    5. Avatar Clive says:

      Virgin Medias hub(s) are all netgear based and so is the firmware. The only difference between a Virgin hub Firmware and an equivalent Netgear badged version device is The firmware has a Virgin image on its main page instead of a Netgear image and the interface is coloured red instead of blue. The drivers for things such as ethernet, wifi are the same as are other software blobs like the built in firewall etc… It is hardly “Custom” especially as 2 of the 3 Virgin hubs (or rather Netgear routers) firmware is actually open source and freely available and apart from the 2 things ive highlighted Virgin changed nothing in them.

      As for issues most issues seem to have been wifi related wifi Virgins prior device which shock of shock the same Netgear version also had poor wifi. Or in other words nothing to do with it being a “Virgin” device.

      BTs home hub on the other hand has a history of security related issues since V2, V3 also has security issues. The default wifi password out of the box for every device is easily calculated, then it had a bug where speeds dropped to 2Mb thruput, its firwall is an utter joke both in terms of security and port forwarding of devices, and you can Not as indicated by DanielM even set things like DNS on it.

      There is no comparison between a Virgin Hub and a BT hub the Virgin hub wins hands down in terms of having less flaws. Though that is not saying much, like most supplied gear from ISPs both of them IMO are rubbish devices.

      Hopefully BT have finally got something worthy with their V5 device, though i will not be holding my breath in hope.

  7. Avatar Darren says:

    Now we are talking, I would give this a go if:

    1) Modem stats are accessible.
    2) Default DNS servers can be changed.
    3) It’s responsive to ICMP Pings.
    4) UPnP and port forwarding aren’t broken.
    5) There aren’t any other stupid bugs that break simple things and never get fixed.

    1. Avatar DanielM says:

      Don’t forget the timeout bug (when you open several connections it locks up)

  8. Avatar Clive says:

    Their new device spec wise sounds pretty good, though given prior devices and all the niggles which some of you guys have mentioned i suspect it will in real life use have issues, a shame.

  9. Avatar Mr Flibble says:

    Since we received the new BT router ( after going from a business broadband to private with a supposedly inferior router ) I have had nothing but problems with the service, I am constantly re setting the router as the signal is being lost on a daily basis.
    I am convinced the current router has problems and this is the reason for this rapid launch of their second generation of this router.
    Has anyone else had this problem?
    ….. It is getting so bad I am considering changing ISP.

  10. Avatar Jeff Tann says:

    I have a BT HomeHub 5 and the wireless performance is dire having changed the settings numerous times over the last 3 days it is slower than the Homehub 3.

    1. Avatar Amster says:

      You need to provide more details.

      Is this with all devices or just one?
      Do you know what speed your sync’d with the exchange at with the HH5?
      What standard is your computer using to connect to the HH with? 802.11a, b, g, n or ac? And what speed does your computer say you’re connected to the router at? For example my PC is connected is at 300Mbps wirelessly to the home hub? All factors taken into account, there’s a rational explanation and it’s not the fault of the hub unless it’s faulty which I doubt.

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