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A Map of 570 UK BT Exchanges Not on the Broadband Delivery UK Plan

Thursday, June 26th, 2014 (12:37 pm) - Score 4,198

Telecoms analyst Point Topic has uploaded an interesting new map of the United Kingdom, which highlights the location of 570 telephone exchanges that aren’t on any of the current lists from BT for their superfast broadband (FTTC/P) roll-out (commercially or via the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK scheme).

However it’s important to stress that many of the exchanges are in so-called BDUK areas, which means that they might still pop-up in the future as part of the Government’s national scheme to make fixed line superfast broadband speeds of 25Mbps+ available to 95% of the country by 2017. On the other hand some will be left out until a clear target for reaching 100% is set.

In other words, it’s a fluid situation and there aren’t many conclusions that can be drawn from the map itself. As you’d expect, many of the exchanges are just outside of the big cities and towns or link to areas that would perhaps be considered within the final 5-10% or so. Equally there are other ISPs working separately to help rural areas, such as B4RN and Gigaclear, which won’t be reflected below.


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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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67 Responses
  1. Avatar adslmax says:

    They should named 570 Exchanges and pass onto the Government to investigate it.

  2. Avatar PhilB says:

    Mine is one of them,Attercliffe Sheffield,2600 pull off that exchange,less than 3 miles from the city centre and no plans for FTTC/P Grrrrr !!!

    1. Avatar PhilB says:

      It should be 26000(twenty six thousand)

    2. Avatar adslmax says:

      My exchange is smaller than you, but I got FTTC. I guess it probably dwn to toss of the coin lucky.

    3. Avatar Gadget says:

      Phil – was the exchange covered (or going to be covered) by the now-defunct South Yorkshire Digital Region? If so that could be why no-one else either did it or thought they could get money to do it.

    4. Avatar adslmax says:

      @ gadget what happen is Telford % Wrekin Council is excluding government BDUK and Shropshire Council will not bring FTTC to my area, at the end BT Openreach give up and go ahead to installed all FTTC in Telford & Wrekin Council without government BDUK. So, I count myself really lucky.

    5. @adslmax That’s not what happened in Telford at all :/

    6. Avatar PhilB says:

      @Gadget..Yes I am on the Digital Region scheme at present with Origin Broadband getting FTTC with a 24/10 connection.The whole of Digital Region shuts down on August 14th so by the I shall be pushed back onto ADSL and as I am on a long line 2mb will be about the best I can hope for…

    7. Avatar adslmax says:

      Martin Pitt – Aquiss

      Yes BT had upgraded all cabinets in Telford all over it since two years ago as mine is done last February and other area is the last one in December 2014 by Madeley area.

  3. Avatar No Clue says:

    Wow 570 exchanges with no plans, that is over 10% of the countrys exchanges. Shame on BT

    1. Avatar DTMark says:

      Could it be that many of these areas are cabled?

      When I lived in urban Essex I had the impression that much of the area was cabled.

      Lots of “blobs” in Essex on that map.

      BT will need a more compelling offer than they’re prepared to invest in to compete.

    2. Avatar FibreFred says:

      Percentages mean nothing, if the exchange isn’t viable with or without funding it isn’t viable.. simple as, putting a percentage on it doesn’t help, well other than for trolling purposes

    3. Avatar Steve Jones says:

      The relevant statistic is not the percentage of exchanges, but the percentage of customers. Anyway, as it says, this is all provisional and many of those exchanges will be picked up in time. BDUK roll-outs will be concentrating on the “low hanging fruit” first, so as to connect the largest number of households with the available funds. Inevitably more expensive areas will be dealt with last, especially as I doubt they know how much funding will be left. I believe Cornwall was much like that, save that it was better funded.

    4. Avatar No Clue says:

      NO its a perfectly relevant stat and viability does not seem to mean a thing. BT claim an area is not viable so another company does it, BT then come along and suddenly the area is viable.

      Its 10% of exchanges like it or not.

      Oh and has not all the BDUK funding been allocated now? so NO these will not be picked up using that in time.

    5. Avatar FibreFred says:

      …as I said… just trolling material for trolling purposes, I expect nothing less of you

    6. Avatar adslmax says:

      DTMark, my area had loads of cable everywhere (90% are virgin media) and 10% with BT via ADSL2+ but BT had upgraded all Telford area with fibre cabinets installed over the last two years.

    7. Avatar No Clue says:

      “just trolling material for trolling purposes, I expect nothing less of you”

      If you believe a mathematical fact is trolling then perhaps you should not respond to mathematical data.

    8. Avatar fastman2 says:

      no clue — each cab in commercial programme was subject to commerial criteria so if you have an exchange that havd high percentage of cabs not meeting commercial criteria then the exchange wont be enabled — if the cab that were good commercial cabs was greater than than the poor number of cabs the exchange eas enabled and the the good number of cabs were lits and the poor commercial cabs were not –

      If you look at those exchange which has less that 500 premises that is going to very difficult to cover investment even at BDUK level

    9. Avatar fastman2 says:

      no —

      which are has bt deemed not viable and then built under commericial – ?

    10. Avatar fastman2 says:

      No clue

      i would be surprised there are any exchnages of less that 1000 premises that we eanbled under our commercial programme – there may be some under BDUK

    11. Avatar No Clue says:

      “which are has bt deemed not viable and then built under commericial – ?”

      Loads but this as an example…..

      “i would be surprised there are any exchnages of less that 1000 premises that we eanbled under our commercial programme”

      “UNDER OUR”…… So you do work for BT? Explains alot of the multi post lies.
      how about…..
      Dalgety Bay which at the time only served 1500 premises

      Or later this year….
      Part of your commercial rollout and a follow up to the to its big brother the main bangor exchange done a year plus ago.

      People can also research all others you have enabled with similar silly under 1000 and only a couple of thousand premises reading the lists here…

    12. Avatar fastman2 says:

      no clue

      misinformation around old chestut of surrey Hills — !!!! what a surprise !!!!– fastman wonders who no clue is !!!!

    13. Avatar No Clue says:

      No misinformation from what i can see unless you are saying thinkbroadband in addition to myself are wrong.

  4. Avatar Christopher Guest says:

    My local exchange (Kings Norton) is the one and only exchange in South-Birmingham (19,000 users) that isn’t Infinity enabled.

    Only this week has its status changed from ‘Not In Roll-Out Plans’ to ‘Under Evaluation’. On that basis, my understanding is that it is likely to take at least another 18 months before Infinity is enabled at Kings Norton.

    1. Avatar No Clue says:

      A prime example of BTs meaningless roll out and nothing to do with potential percent of customers. They have enabled FTTC to exchanges with less than a 1000 customers but for some reason have missed some with 10s of thousands on them.

  5. Avatar Chris Conder says:

    Its all a superfarce. This country is bonkers. We had funding available from the digital switchover fund and incompetent councils have just given it to a monopoly to protect their copper assets instead of getting fibre in to provide a futureproof solution. In another few years many will be left with egg on their faces as the true facts become known. The digital divide is growing ever wider, with the notspots getting nothing and the low hanging fruit getting a cheap fix to go a bit faster. FTTC may seem fast to you now, but 2 meg seemed fast after dial up.

    1. Avatar FibreFred says:

      I am sure those who now get a faster service would disagree , those same people that would have been left with nothing if we listened to the likes if you with your fibre to the few sod the rest vision. How very selfish

    2. Avatar TheFacts says:

      How about you provide some figures to justify your comments.

    3. Avatar GNewton says:

      TheFacts: The figures are readily available. E.g. we have submitted a request for them under the Freedom of Information Act for the so-called superfast Essex BDUK (down to types of services, e.g. fibre broadband, VDSL, ADSL2+, wireless, etc, on a postcode level basis, along with detailed breakdown of BDUK deployment costs). If more people did that, there wouldn’t be an issue with the lack of information. However, one thing is clear: The digital divide is indeed widening.

      But then again, I don’t think you are really interested in this kind of information, otherwise you would have made some attempts to retrieve them for yourselves ages ago, rather than repeatedly asking the same stupid question on this forum.

  6. Avatar Gadget says:

    Chris, surely if you are talking about spending the money from the switchover fund then isn’t this being spent in the areas that are not getting the “monopoly” commercial rollout, and if you opted for FTTP instead of FTTP would you not get even fewer covered and therefore even more without?

    1. Avatar FibreFred says:

      All Chris is interested is:-

      FTTF – Fibre to the Few/Farm

    2. Avatar No Clue says:

      Where as BT are interested in FTTN or as we should now call it fibre to nobody with the FTTP cancellation.

    3. Avatar FibreFred says:

      Who has the largest FTTP coverage in the uk troll ?

    4. Avatar No Clue says:

      Certainly not BT if we are talking companies that have rolled out FTTP with their own budgets and not government bottom feeding. Then again BT staff are happy bottom feeders.

    5. Avatar FibreFred says:

      So it is BT then

      Thanks 😉

    6. Avatar No Clue says:

      Anyone can roll out a product if you give them millions to do it. If you classify that as a successful project then yes congrats, as stated BT are bottom feeders. And you can be proud of the company you work for.

      Meanwhile in the real world real business do things for itself.

    7. Avatar FibreFred says:

      I classify then as having the most FTTP coverage in the UK


    8. Avatar No Clue says:

      Not if its their commercial rollout which is what the start of this conversation was about.

    9. Avatar FibreFred says:

      No this is in response to Chris’s comment re the digital switchover fund

    10. Avatar No Clue says:

      I suggest you post in the right thread on the news item then because these are all replies to Gadgets comment.

    11. Avatar FibreFred says:

      And his is a reply to Chris 🙂

    12. Avatar No clue says:

      NO his is a new post that does not use the reply button to anyone

  7. Avatar GNewton says:

    “if you opted for FTTP instead of FTTP would you not get even fewer covered and therefore even more without?”

    Isn’t that a contradiction in itself? Or did you mean “FTTP instead of FTTC”? If that is the case, are there any known large-scale FTTC / VDSL rollouts outside the BT-monopoly?

    1. Avatar FibreFred says:

      Oh please, you are not trying to say its cheaper to deploy FTTP than FTTC are you?

    2. Avatar GNewton says:

      FibreFred: Are you Gadget now? I wasn’t talking to you.

      But since you are so eager to know: I suppose you already got a detailed overview of the BDUK costs for fibre broadband or VDSL deployments on e.g. a postcode level?

    3. Avatar FibreFred says:

      I know who you were talking to, I didn’t realize it was an exclusive one on one chat, don’t worry I won’t trouble you to explain any further I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing whilst you tried to make a case that FTTP is cheaper to deploy that FTTC

    4. Avatar No Clue says:

      “FibreFred: Are you Gadget now? I wasn’t talking to you.”

      I doubt he knows who he is one day to the next

    5. Avatar Ignitionnet says:

      In which case surely given the FTTP aspirations were so heavily pared back shouldn’t we be celebrating coverage of considerably more properties than the original figure mooted?

    6. Avatar No clue says:

      Ive already asked him about coverage and how surely it should be more than 66% if the FTTP programme has been scrapped and FTTC is cheaper to do. So far no response that makes any sense though.

    7. Avatar FibreFred says:


      Correct, we should either see:-

      Less money spent (underspend, which is denied)
      Same money spent and more FTTC coverage
      Same money spent same FTTC coverage (e.g. they got their initial calculations wrong)

      Does anyone know what the initial plans for FTTP were, how many properties passed, coverage, cost of FTTP?

      You say heavily pared back so I’m assuming there are some figures somewhere

  8. Avatar fastman2 says:

    Meanwhile in the real world real business do things for itself !!! exact;y

    which is why the business has passed £19m premsises in around 5 years from a standing start using 2.5bn of its onw money — and then you dont like where its been spent — priceless

    1. Avatar gerarda says:

      The standing start was an inherited public monopoly infrastructure – if there had been any real competition then proper money would have been spent by BT not just a fraction of its free cashflow which is what £2.5b represents.

    2. Avatar No Clue says:

      The 2.5 billion according to your BT buddy is not the spend but just their budget. Which is it??????

    3. Avatar Ignitionnet says:

      Congratulations – you spent as much per home passed as Virgin do on upgrading their existing network in about 4 years.

      Companies that are going all out on infrastructure don’t pay down £ 3 billion in debt, increase dividends, do share buy-backs, increase contributions to pension deficits and spend hundreds of millions on content rights.

      Swisscom spent more in one year than Openreach did in 3 on NGA. The Openreach rollout was fast but it was also cheap.

      Unless of course we believe Liv Garfield in which case you with your circa 45,000 – 48,000 fibre boxes or she with her claim that each exchange costs millions and each cabinet £100,000 are mistaken.

      As an investor I am very impressed with how cheaply Openreach deployed this overlay, however I do fear for how long it will be useful for if claims of homes requiring 3-figure Mbps connections within this decade are accurate.

    4. Avatar No clue says:

      Fred does not even believe the 2.5 Billion is actual spend but just a budget they had in mind.

  9. Avatar fastman2 says:

    its the spend

    1. Avatar FibreFred says:

      So they originally set aside (budgeted) 1.5billion, raised it to 2.5billion and spent 2.5 billion correct?

      Hence the budgeted figured becomes the spent figure.

    2. Avatar No Clue says:

      Nope its always been 2.5 billion. Which is obviously a lie as FTTP has been scrapped.

    3. Avatar FibreFred says:

      Sorry but no

      “BT originally planned (2008/9 onwards) to spend £1.5bn on making their up to 80Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) and 330Mbps Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband technologies available to 10 million premises (40% coverage) by summer 2012, ”




      How embarrassing for you 🙂

    4. Avatar GNewton says:

      “How embarrassing for you”

      Curious: What difference does it make in your life when someone else has been embarassed? Why do you care since you are happy with your VDSL service over your twisted-pair copper wire, and even believe your service is future proof, or that you are not being ripped off by BT? You can take a break, and let other’s, like TheFacts, show their Can’t Do attitude for a change.

    5. Avatar TheFacts says:

      What can’t do attitude? Just provide a business case to justify.

    6. Avatar GNewton says:

      @TheFacts: You are not really interested in an answer, are you, because you never make a positive contribution or suggestions to this forum, you are only questioning people’s statements like a doubtful Thomas, but as soon as it amounts to some work on your part, such as digging up some information for yourself (see earlier in this thread) you keep disappearing.

    7. Avatar No Clue says:

      From the very first link…..
      BT has denied that its commercial investment of £2.5 billion, which is being used to make their superfast broadband (FTTC/P) network available to around 66% of the United Kingdom by Spring 2014 (19 million premises), will complete with significant underspend worth hundreds of millions.

      Thats DENIED it will cost less than 2.5 billion if you were paying attention.

      As to the PCpro and BBC links back in 2008 NO official times or dates or figures for Fibre had been set back then, the final figures were set in 2009. A technical trial involving 50 homes in Foxhall, Ipswich took place, in January 2009, and operational pilots at the Muswell Hill, Whitchurch and Glasgow Halfway telephone exchanges, the service was launched commercially on 25 January 2010.

      Theres a good little boy now run along. Another day of dimwittness.

    8. Avatar No Clue says:

      No idea why you have brought up provisional announcements of the 40% rollout which NEVER HAPPENED OR STARTED rather than set in stone 66% rollout. Must be confused between the project reality and the original guesstimate. Im guessing confused seeing as here http://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2014/06/kc-bring-78mbps-broadband-350-homes-wawne-east-yorkshire.html#comment-144874 you think it is 2.5 billion and somehow the coverage must be more if there is “rollout more fttc than planned”. Seems you can not make up you mind on financial or coverage figures.

    9. Avatar FibreFred says:

      …. sorry embarrassed and very angry

    10. Avatar No clue says:

      I imagine you are especially as Ignitionnet is now also questioning coverage and cost. Then again everyone is wrong except you.

  10. Avatar fastman2 says:

    gerads – there is no service obiligation to provide broadband the NGA roll out is complete new build network this includes the circa 45-48,000 fibre boxes which –

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