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Retail YouView IPTV Set-Top-Box Owners Annoyed by BT and TalkTalk Logos

Friday, March 10th, 2017 (1:53 pm) - Score 11,470

Retail owners of the YouView (IPTV and PVR) based set-top-box, which has been developed as part of a Joint Venture between some of the UK’s biggest names in TV and broadband, are being annoyed by a new update that makes the BT and TalkTalk logos more prominent.

YouView, which is also sold as part of a premium TV service by a number of ISPs (e.g. BT, TalkTalk, JT etc.), is jointly developed by BT, TalkTalk, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV and Arqiva. However until recently the influence of those partners, at least cosmetically on the User Interface (UI), has been fairly low key for owners of the generic retail box (i.e. those who didn’t buy it from an ISP).

However this appears to have changed when the Humax software update v27.46.0 began rolling out recently, which forms part of YouView’s major “next generation” update that will enable the platform to do more, work faster and harness Cloud technology (details).

Aside from a few gripes about new and missing features (Discover, Edit Channels and the Action Panel should return eventually), a number of users also noticed something else. Owners of the generic retail YouView boxes are now seeing a lot more of the BT TV and TalkTalk TV logos than before (these were initially present, but much less noticeable).

YouView Customer ‘Fed-up from Cambridge’ said:

“I have also had a new update today. I bought my box less than a month ago and didn’t buy an advertising vehicle for BT. Why does my box say BT TV? Also where is my list of recordings? Not pictures a list?”

YouView Customer ‘Steve D’ said:

“The update (which didn’t request permission before it installed) boasts an improved user experience, but actually appears to do more harm to UX than good.

For starters, I can’t revert the update.

Next, I can’t turn off future auto updates.

I don’t want to see TalkTalk TV logos when I don’t subscribe to their service.

The new picture-driven Recorded list is almost unusable.”

YouView Customer ‘James’ said:

“I hate this update! It has incorporated the BTTV interface into my Humax T2000 YouView box which means I now have to have the BTTV logo in the top of the screen. I have not subscribed to BTTV and have no intention of doing so. I bought this Humax T2000 box from John Lewis and I will make sure they are aware of this new BTTV interface.”

YouView Customer ‘caroline’ said:

“Me too. Why does my Humax box now have a BT TV logo on the screens?”

YouView Customer ‘JimS’ said:

“BT may be my ISP but, as a non-BT TV subscriber, I object to the prominent placement of its logo on the guide.”

Further remarks can be found dotted all over the YouView Community Forum and SEENIT are also covering the issue, which at least in some cases appears to occur when the box detects that the customer is using either a BT or TalkTalk based broadband connection. This happens even if the owner doesn’t subscribe to the TV service or get their box from either of those providers.

At the time of writing YouView has not responded to customers’ and we’re wondering whether the change is either intentional or a bug. Alternatively we do recall that the BBC were interesting in getting out of the YouView game and handing the reins to BT (here), which is perhaps another possible reason for the recent changes.

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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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30 Responses
  1. Avatar Lee says:

    First world problems

  2. Avatar Richard Wilson says:

    I agree Lee. Boohoo I’m getting the latest and best version of the OS because I’m paying BT or TalkTalk for my broadband.
    As a Plusnet TV user id be more than happy to have this!

  3. Avatar ash says:

    How come you never hear people complain about SKY and Virgin logos on their STBs menus, heck even the youview boxes have TalkTalk’s and BT’s logos on the bloody boxes.

    1. Avatar alan says:

      There are no logos on RETAIL youview boxes, not the Humax versions ive seen at least. ISP equipment no matter who on the other hand you expect to be branded.

  4. Avatar Steve Frost says:

    I don’t really care about the logo. I do, however, object to having to dismiss a menu every time I power up the box. I object to functionality being removed​. I object to the EPG performing at a snail’s pace.

    1. Avatar Nuccco says:

      Vote with your wallet. Switch to Sky Q 🙂

  5. Avatar Maria Goldman says:

    i agree with Steve D – as he puts it “the picture driven recorded list is unusable”. Why, oh why is there not a list option?! I also want the option to opt out of upgrades – or, revert to the previous system should I choose to. The recorder no longer functions in the way that prompted me to buy it. I am very annoyed and disappointed too. Surely YouView should listen to its customers?

    1. Avatar Bridget Brunn says:

      I couldn’t have said any better. I hate the way they have changed the whole set up , why don’t they ask their customers first which way they prefer to see their reorded programmes., also when you have watched a programme and you want to go back to delete it and you have a few episodes of that particular programme to watch you have to go back into start again and it takes you to the last episode. It’s ridiculous.

    2. Avatar Bridget Brunn says:

      I couldn’t have said any better myself. I hate the way they have changed the whole set up , why don’t they ask their customers first which way they prefer to see their recorded programmes., also when you have watched a programme you could just press back to delete the watched programme before going onto the next episode now when you press back it takes you back to all the recorded programmes So you have start again press the programme again so you can delete the episode you have watched but even then it takes you to the last episode that’s been recorded, it should be like before and take you back to the episode you haven just watched so you can delete that then go on to the next episode to watch! It’s ridiculous.

  6. Avatar Bridget Brunn says:

    Another thing is when you press to go into information on a programme it doesn’t show the episodes you can catch up on, it was so easy to see everything you wanted the way it was before, I know we don’t like this change but this has just gone backwards

  7. Avatar Ray says:

    Totally agree with Bridget, I am even thinking of scrapping the box and looking for a better model and brand unless there is some way to get the old features back. who thinks up these so called improvements?

  8. Avatar Mr K REID says:

    I would like to add my name to the list of complaints. I have contacted BT and all they say that it is not there problem and they couldn’t offer me any alternative to the Youview box.

  9. I would like to add my voice of complaint regarding recent changes to the operation of my Humax PVR

    I agree with all the comments from other dissatisfied users:

    1. It’s outrageous that the supplier can change the way a product functions without the consent of the owner. The product should remain as purchased, unless consent is given for change. (with the exception of safety issues of course)

    2.The changes seem to be aimed at enhancing the supplier’s corporate presence rather than improving the product.

    3. Text based menus are preferable to than pictorial. This is yet another example of “dumbing down”.

    4. The particular changes seem to depend on which ISP is used. I do not see why providing the internet service allows control of devices connected to the router without requiring consent.

  10. Avatar Steve Douglas says:

    I am also annoyed at the update. The list of recordings was much better than the picture version, which is simply awful and impractical. BT just want this to look “cool” and have made this a much less usable product. I would like to return to the previous system, please!

  11. Avatar Mike says:

    It is very poor especially when you finish a recording and want to delete it. You have navigate all the way back to go before you can delete….and if there are 80 or more recordings in the list that is very tedious. The old ..pages..have gone

  12. Avatar Julian Little says:

    I am also annoyed at the update. The list of recordings was much better than the picture version, which is simply awful and impractical. BT just want this to look “cool” and have made this a much less usable product. I would like to return to the previous system, please!

  13. Avatar Tim says:

    What peeves me, is that one cannot now go to a particular time in a program without fast forwarding to get there. Deffo NOT letting my other box or my 91 year old mother’s EVER see the internet.

  14. Avatar John says:

    Couldn’t agree more, the new layout is a total disaster, I shall be ditching the youview box as soon as practical,

  15. Avatar Mark says:

    I think that, for most of us, the ‘logo issue’ is the least of our concerns. I am angry that this update was forced upon me without my consent and it has taken away the very menu system that persuaded me to buy the box in the first place.
    The EPG has become sluggish and stuttered and I miss the small screen in the top right …the ghosted full screen background is just an unwatchable distraction.
    The tile approach is entirely inappropriate for organising TV recordings and the constant popping-up of the first 5 channels at the bottom of the screen is more annoying than Chris Evans presenting Top Gear. I feel like I’m being bombarded with irrelevant tiles and it’s actually hard to see what is selected when you press ‘OK’. I’ve actually had situations where I’ve literally lost the programme that I was watching because it took me so long to find my way out of menus that activated due to inadvertently clicking tiles that I couldn’t see were highlighted, or delayed key press responses while the box stutters and stops for up to 20 seconds. My recordings are now impossible to navigate with tiles and it’s ludicrous that in order to delete what you have just watched, you have to go back through the menu and wade through pages of tiles of screenshots that give little clue of the recorded programme.
    I’m currently trying to find out how to download the old software onto a USB stick and flash my box back to the old version, but I just felt the need to vent my anger on one of the many webpages of complaints about this idiotic update.

  16. Avatar Gerald England says:

    I’d been away for a week and was shocked when I came home and switched the TV on found myself watching a guide to the changes. Deleting the just watched program is a hassle as others have noted. One other thing I’ve noted is that the “Adult” programs are not there as parental controls have been imposed – I rarely watch such programs but haven’t elected not to and have not set up a password and have yet to find out how to obtain the “default password” that it assumes I already know.

  17. Avatar Dave G says:

    Where is the Discover feature. This was the best piece of functionality on the box.

  18. Avatar Pamela Stevens says:

    agree with all the above comments about the changes much more difficult to work with

  19. Avatar Gen says:

    I’ve tried to edit my programme list to remove all the channels we don’t watch and can’t find it anymore since the update ! Can anyone help me with this?

  20. Avatar Martin Hughes says:

    I have a TalkTalk Huawei YouView box. TalkTalk let me out of their contract when we moved as BT have a monopoly where we now live. The box has updated today and I now have the unwanted BT “branding” on the screens. Most annoying as I hate BT with a vengeance – who wouldn’t when I get 4mbps on a good day but the only other choice is Plusnet. Bizarrely despite the branding BT will not supply BT Vision (not that I want it) in our area as the broadband connection is not fast enough!

  21. Avatar Brett says:

    Absolutely terrible ‘update’. NOT user friendly, and installed without requesting permission. My humax T1000 is retail, not branded externally, so at least I have no branding within the menus, BUT its model software number (80B08500) on firmware 27.5 suggests on the humax website my box IS a BT one. HATE IT. Rollback or FIX it please!

  22. Avatar Paul Farrell says:

    Yet another in the long list of complaints. My Humax T1010 was a retail purchase and not supplied by either BT or TalkTalk. The software update was delivered without my consent or the option to opt-out or revert, and on top of the usability issues highlighted above (tiled menus instead of lists, slow start-up, menu functions on start up that you have to close before proceeding etc.) it seems this software hasn’t been fully tested on the older generation boxes like mine.
    I now frequently struggle to even turn the box on, having to restart several times before being able to watch a television program – this can take upwards of 20 minutes. The box frequently freezes during playback/menu navigation meaning having to switch off at the rear switch and go through the whole start-up excercise again. Last night was the last straw when an hour after sitting down and turning the box on I’d watched 5 minutes of television before giving up and going to bed.
    This morning I’ve ordered a Panasonic TVR from Freeview. If either BT or Humax are reading, add my name to your long list of very dissatisfied customers.

  23. Avatar frankie says:

    bought a bt youview box from currys to replace a ageing humax freesat recorder. big mistake!can not resize all programmes to 16/9 ratio.the blue border around recordings hard to see and the buttons around the middle of the remote control very fiddly.no youtube app. takes ages to start up. think i will reinstall my old hdr1100 freesat box which although not perfect was streets better than than the bt youview crappy box

    1. Avatar linda says:

      I agree with everything you say but why are there so few of us who detest this product. am soooooo disappointed in everything about it. The remote control as an abomination and navigation slow and tedious. As soon as my contract expires on this horrible box (and why it is not wif-fi is absolutely unbelievable) I will replace it with a bush tv recorder which is 5000% better.

  24. Avatar Fragile says:

    I have the same problem. Updated the Humax DTR T2000 and now have the BT logo and horrible picture interface for recordings instead of text.

    Has anyone found a way to roll back the update?

  25. Avatar Very annoyed says:

    I also hate the picture ref instead of the list we had b4.
    My biggest gripe tho is that when I’m setting up my recordings for the wk it no longer highlights the other channels/dates/times that this can be recorded if I’m already recording a couple of progs at the same time.

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