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UPD ISP BT Cuts 200Mbps and 300Mbps Ultrafast FTTP Broadband Prices

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 (4:48 pm) - Score 5,946

BT’s Consumer ISP division has started to push their ultrafast 200-300Mbps Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) based broadband packages (Infinity 3 and 4) a bit by reducing the monthly prices for new subscribers and adding a Reward Card (MasterCard) worth £125.

Openreach’s roll-out of native ultrafast FTTP technology is slowly starting to pick-up the pace (435,000 premises passed) and once complete their service should be available to around 2 million premises across the UK, although this still reflects quite a limited level of national availability.

Never the less Thinkbroadband has spotted that BT’s retail division are starting to focus a little more promotional effort on their FTTP packages. On the other hand it could also be seen as a partial response to Virgin Media’s recent speed boost up to 300Mbps (here). The key difference being that VM’s service is already available to more than half of the country.

Otherwise both of BT’s FTTP packages include an unlimited data usage allowance, 500GB of BT cloud storage, Virus Protect on 15 devices & Parental Controls, the Smart Hub wireless router, free UK weekend calls, Call Protect to prevent nuisance calls, free access to BT’s national network of public WiFi Hotspots, a 12 month contract, line rental and a £9.99 one-off setup fee.

Unlimited Infinity 3
Download speeds of 200Mbps
Upload speeds of 20Mbps

PRICE: £59.99 per month for 12 months (£66.49 thereafter)

Unlimited Infinity 4
Download speeds of 300Mbps
Upload speeds of 20Mbps

PRICE: £64.99 per month for 12 months (£73.49 thereafter)

It’s important to note that the above packages are completely separate from the FTTP-on-Demand product, which not even BT’s Business division sells (here).


Price correction above due to annoying left/right navigation slider on BT’s website tripping me up.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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26 Responses
  1. Marcus Clifford says:

    What we really need is more ISPs to offer FTTP services, I am not aware of any that will offer more than 80/20 on FTTP (Zen, AAISP).

    In September I out new-build house should be finished, and the developer has confirmed it is a FTTP development, but my ISP choices are very limited.

    With widespread G.Fast deployments I am unsure why more ISPs do not offer FTTP services.

    1. JustAnotherFileServer says:

      G.Fast will not be using FTTP, so not sure why you think there is a connection?

    2. AndyH says:

      FTTC/G.Fast/FTTP are all terminated the same way in the exchanges. The only difference is the product the ISP buys from BT Wholesale or Openreach.

      Technically, there is no reason why an ISP that is able to supply FTTC, cannot do the same for FTTP. For the larger ISPs, I guess it is a question of having to upgrade their internal systems and train the staff. Perhaps the cost vs benefit is too heavily weighted on the former.

    3. AndyH says:

      I should have added, IDNet offer the 220/20 and 330/30 FTTP packages. Zen offers FTTP as well for those speeds, but on business packages.

  2. AndyC says:

    Is that just for the braudband or is that includeing line rental, ect???

    Im asking because that is less then bt charge me for infinity2 and line rental

    1. JustAnotherFileServer says:

      It does say that it includes line rental in the article

    2. AndyH says:

      How much do you pay? Are you sure you don’t have some call package or TV add on?

    3. JustAnotherFileServer says:

      Have you read the article Andy?

  3. AndyC says:

    @Just, yes i did but i admit i sometimes dont understand fully, im not as enlightened as most of the people here.

    @AndyH, Im paying £53.74 for infinity2, line rental and weekend calls.Have been since i got the smart hub. Used to just pay £37 for it all (been with bt since we moved in to our new build 7 years ago) and wish id never resubbed for the smart hub.

    1. AndyH says:

      Mark has mixed up Infinity 4 with Infinity 3 and Infinity 3 with Infinity 2 – https://i.imgur.com/PuJspVR.png

  4. George M says:

    Just checked the BT Retail website and I’m not seeing these low prices
    Currently Infinity 4 is
    £64.99 Δ /mth
    12 month contract includes BT Line rental
    Price after 12 months: £73.49

    And Infinity 3
    £59.99 Δ /mth
    12 month contract includes BT Line rental
    Price after 12 months: £66.49

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      Yes, corrected. There’s an awkward left/right navigation slider that tripped me up. I do long for the days when all of a web page’s key content could be seen without lots of scrolling, but that’s mobile friendly for you.

    2. George M says:

      Yep those BT Consumer tiny sliders catch out a lot of people. A really bad decision to use them.

  5. dave says:

    virgin media has updated their website now btw, you can now order 300mb broadband.

  6. DTMark says:

    This was always going to be an issue that BT were going to run into.

    Supplying these sorts of speeds requires either FTTP or G.Fast at such short distances that the cost of deployment of those two becomes very close.

    From BT’s perspective, true fibre is now available (in a few areas as per article) and a lot of work has been done to get there.

    From the perspective of the average customer, it’s nothing wildly exciting since VM has been there for a while. BT’s FTTP is not really a “premium product” nor should it/can it attract a premium price tag.

    Where VM exists there is competition. Those who wanted the fastest possible speeds went to cable many years ago. Even where there is BT FTTP in overlapping areas, so what? Cable can do that. There’s still nothing much pushing VM to go for higher upload rates.

    The mis-advertising of fibre that isn’t actually fibre confuses the issue even more, and then, on top of that, the lack of minimum speed guarantees. Cable has congested segments which don’t and can’t hit the top package speeds.

    This is where BT could cash in, with a real USP – guaranteed minimum speeds. Changing broadband advertising away from “up to” and instead “minimum guaranteed”.

    No more overselling of cable segments. FTTP’s potential comes to light. (no pun)

    But nobody including BT wants to go there. BT have, in nationwide terms, almost no FTTP anyway. All it would do is highlight how poor “fibre” (VDSL) is as it also had the distance limitations to contend with.

    With the strategy that has been employed thus far, directed in part by OFCOM, price comparison sites don’t really differentiate performance. It’s only about the price. For all the major ISPs except one, it’s the same phone line anyway selling the same product down the same wire.

    The industry has pushed itself into this particular corner with “up to” speeds. Time for a change in the way the product is advertised?

    1. wireless pacman says:

      All good points. I suspect at this stage BT is just have to take the extra dosh from a few customers. It also allows it to show an upgrade path beyond vdsl to the powers that be.

    2. AndyH says:

      “This was always going to be an issue that BT were going to run into.”

      What issue is that? This is just a special offer, as BT are doing it on Infinity 1 and 2 also.

    3. DTMark says:

      “What issue is that?”

      Being so monstrously far behind.

      Needing to invest billions where VM need “only” invest additional millions.

      First 12 months:

      BT’s 200 Meg package = £59.99/mo. Then add the cost of TV packages/services, for instance, a Sky dish and package. Available almost nowhere.

      VM’s 200 Meg package = £55/mo including “whole house TV”. Available to more than half the country.

    4. AndyH says:

      Erm, perhaps you have missed that FTTP is available as 500/165Mb/s and 1000/220Mb/s? I am not sure how that puts BT so “monstrously far behind”. It’s a waste of time offering these to consumers as the demand for such speeds is tiny.

      I think you also need to check your numbers, as Virgin have invested a lot more than “additional millions”.

    5. GNewton says:

      @AndyH: Where on the bt.com does it offer Infinity with 1000/220Mb/s? In fact, I just did a search on bt.com for ‘Infinity 4’, no results from that site. Even on Google no pages from bt.com (I checked the first 20 results). Hence, it looks like BT has no interest in promoting its FTTP products, because it’s just a niche product at the moment. And the FoD product was never a genuine market offer, it has no sensible target market, businesses would go for a leased line product rather than FoD, FoD for home users is virtually a dead product. Again, this fits into BTs strategy not to promote its fibre broadband products.

    6. AndyH says:

      And the point of selling those speeds to residential customers, when less than 2% of those on FTTP take 330/30, would be what exactly? BT may as well start offering 100G WDM to residential customers on an Infinity 100000 package.

      Please explain when “FoD for home users” was ever designed as a home product? BT have never hidden that its target market (and it does sell) is SME. In many areas of the country, it is cheaper than a leased line.

      “this fits into BTs strategy not to promote its fibre broadband products.” Of course…keep telling yourself that 100x, and you will believe it.

    7. GNewton says:

      @AndyH: Why not answer my simple question. You said that “FTTP is available as 500/165Mb/s and 1000/220Mb/s”. Would you be so kind to provide a link for these FTTP products?

    8. AndyH says:

      @ GNewton – You are the master of not answering questions on here. You always ask rhetorical questions when someone asks you something.

      Anyway, here you go – https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/home/updates/briefings/ultrafastfibreaccessbriefings/ultrafastfibreaccessbriefingarticles/nga200316.do

      Waste of time offering this at residential level.

    9. GNewton says:

      @AndyH: Thank you for the link. What you consider as a “waste of time” I’ll leave that for others to decide, stop being so grumpy here.

  7. syms says:

    ooooh so where can I get these amazing deals?

    What’s that? I can’t!?

    Nothing to see here, move along.

    1. CarlT says:

      I can’t get Hyperoptic, Virgin Media or Openreach FTTP, syms. Doesn’t mean their offers can’t be placed here. Sadly this isn’t a personalised news feed.

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